Ethridge brings LexedUp to FAMU’s campus

Alexis Ethridge at Set Friday selling eyelashes from her pop up shop. Photo by Ethridge

LexedUp is a makeup and eyelash business started by a FAMU student eager to put extra cash in her pocket while helping others.

Alexis Ethridge, a senior psychology student from Jacksonville, started the makeup business in June 2017; the eyelashes came later.

Ethridge has always had a passion for makeup and beauty. She started taking it a bit more seriously her senior year of high school. In middle school she was just accustomed to wearing lip gloss and eyeliner, then slowly progressed as she grew older.

YouTube videos helped motivate her to get even better with makeup. Her favorite person to watch is Aaliyah Jay. Ethridge was inspired and this helped her see how far she could go with makeup.

“I was scared at first starting my business, having to build clientele,” Ethridge said. “Being at FAMU made that easy. Being active on campus and having friends who have a lot of friends who supported my business, and my clientele started to grow.”

Ethridge knew that eyelashes were a high-demand product and that there would be a profit from the sales. Ethridge had had the idea to sell eyelashes for a while.

The mother of a high school friend reached out to Ethridge and gave her a proposal: Sell 100 eyelashes with the LexedUp business name and logo, all free of charge, and for LexedUp business’ profit. The purpose of that was to see how young people would react to the products, and if they sold.

Ethridge sold all 100 eyelashes and was put in contact with the seller so she could purchase her own batches of eyelashes.

“Alexis has the best lashes I have ever experienced. They last a very long time,” Johnika Moss said.

Ethridge,  a senior, does not have the time to dedicate to her business and craft that she did when she first began. She still makes time to do her clients’ faces.

Although it is difficult as a full-time student, working a job, and being active in various organizations, she still gets it done.

“Alexis does a great job. She is extremely professional and flexible with my tight schedule. The makeup was exactly as we had discussed,” Cierra Thomas said. “She made me look flawless and the makeup lasted all day. I would definitely recommend getting LexedUp.”

Ethridge has received ongoing support from her friends. One friend who has made generous contributions is Rochard Moricette, the student body president.

“I’ve been getting LexedUp since my sophomore year and she never fails to on any look I may ask for, She makes me feel like a queen when I’m on and off the field,” said Breyanna Williams, the current queen of Orange and Green.