Evolve Street Wear evolving

Richard “Hustle” Anderson, founder of Evolve Street Wear. Photo by Anderson

Evolve Street Wear had its sixth off-campus event last month, and this time there was a unique twist.

Owner Richard “Hustle” Anderson wanted to present his new collection in a way that that may new to many – with wine in a venue on trendy Gaines Street.

Evolve Street Wear was founded by student entrepreneur Anderson.

The Evolve “No Time” Wine Tasting Pop-Up Shop was an event full of laughter, drinks, and all-around motivation.

Anderson had the idea to give his supporters and new customers something to remember him by, by combining his passion and drinks in the same room for everyone to share their thoughts on, purchase from his collection and enjoy the moment.

“When I thought of doing this event, I just knew it would set my brand apart from the rest,” Anderson said.

His pop-up shop and wine tasting event was the perfect mixture of fashion and fun.

There were multiple drink selections that the guests could choose from and a reveal of his latest collection, No Time.

The new releases were the perfect types of clothing, just in time for the winter season.

The hoodies had a variety of colors from the fall color schemes including burgundy, olive and even orange.

In addition, there was a black and a cream hoodie in the collection.

Along with the hoodies came a series of hats that followed the same color schemes as the hoodies.

Many students came to support the event, and purchase some of his items.

Patrick Thomas, a supporting friend and criminal justice student at Florida A&M University, attended the event.

“I just love his grind and how far he’s come,” Thomas said. “Rich is really making a lane of his own and thriving.”

Evolve Street Wear has grown over the past year. The success behind having a pop-up shop to release the latest collection has been rewarding for Anderson.

He’s gained more of a following, more money, and has been able to support himself during his college years.

This particular event, however, has been his most entertaining and surreal.

Anderson admits he’s been surprised by his brand’s growth. One of his close friends, Denver Smith, also said he hadn’t expected Anderson’s success to come so quickly.

“I remember when he told me what he wanted to do with his clothing line,” Smith said. “Now he’s actually doing it, and it inspires me.”

Evolve appears to be heading in the right direction. With the creativity behind each release and event, Anderson believes it will continue to stand out and be successful.