CASS set to open August 2020

The CASS Building is on the way.
Photo by Dennis Hudson

One of the newest projects under construction on Florida A&M’s campus, the Center for Advancement and Student Success, is scheduled to open in time for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Numerous departments and centers across the campus, including Admissions, Counseling Services, Financial Aid and the Undergraduate Student Success Center, will be relocating to CASS once completion is finalized.

 It was the No. 3 project listed on Florida A&M University’s Capital Improvement Plan in 2013-2014, when the university went before the state to seek funding. The design of the CASS building began in December 2015 and the construction process started in December 2017. The estimated cost of the building in 2013 was $35.4 million, but as of now the cost of the project is more than $40.7 million.

“FAMU’s leadership team believes a new facility with the capability to host all enrollment management and academic enhancement activities for its students is essential to help FAMU remain as a highly competitive institution. Currently, these functions are not centrally located or are not as easily accessible by the students in one location. The new facility will be student-centered and centrally located. CASS will improve the delivery of services to students and constituents more efficiently and effectively,” said Craig Talton, director of Facilities, Planning and Construction at FAMU. 

CASS, located just north of Gaither Gym on Wahnish Way, should benefit many FAMU students. 

“This building will create a one-stop-shop for student services, improve business processes, allowing students to feel more comfortable seeking services, and improving synergy between departments. Overall, this building should assist with improving student retention, persistence, graduation and employment opportunities,” said William E. Hudson, Jr., vice president in the Office of Student Affairs at FAMU.

Though the CASS building may be the newest addition to campus that many students and faculty members know about, there are other projects being modified throughout campus as well. 

“Currently, we have three construction projects on campus outside of the CASS building. We have a new residence hall being built on the south side of campus along with a student center. We have the amphitheater being built on The Set from SGA President (Devin) Harrison’s CITF proposal. CITF is the state’s Capital Improvement Trust Fund that students pay as a fee and is used to build capital on our campus. In the near future, we will start construction on SGA President (David) Jackson III’s CITF proposal, which focused on renovating the old post office and add two rehearsal studios for student organizations and storage areas for SGA and OSA. Now, I am working with Dr. Hudson to submit my CITF proposal prior to graduation,” said Rochard Moricette, FAMU’s student body president.