FAMU’s Mitchell named president of MEAC committee

Morgan Mitchell speaking at the MEAC meetings in Norfolk, Va. Photo courtesy FAMU women’s basketball Instagram page.

Morgan Mitchell, a point guard for Florida A&M’s women’s basketball team, has been named president of the MEAC’s student advisory athletic committee.

“It was surreal,” she said. “My advisers knew from the jump that was a goal of mine, a long-time goal for me becoming the president of the student advisory athletic committee. So for me to go out there to

Norfolk to be able to give my speech and to establish myself was kind of surreal to me.”

Her coach, Kevin Lynum, said he was proud of  Mitchell.

“I’m very ecstatic for Morgan,” Lynum said. “When Morgan came here one of the goals she set out to me was to go and attain that title and you know she worked diligently.”

When Mitchell first told Lynum of her decision to run for the position Lynum made sure she did not settle for anything less than the top spot.

“Before she left here I kind of told her,” Lynum said. “She didn’t tell me it was kind of no pressure applied but I said, look I’m not allowing you to go up there and you (do) not run for the highest seat up there at the MEAC.”

As a student-athlete Mitchell has a lot on her plate balancing school and basketball. Even though her new position will require more time management, with the people in her corner she said she will be more than ready for the task.

“That balance comes from the help of my coaches and my teammates,” Mitchell said. “As well (as) just being able to delegate also to the SEAC here at FAMU my e-board their great at coming up with their own ideas and being able to take charge.”

According to her teammates, Mitchell has the qualities needed to be successful in the position.

“She’s hard-working, very studious. She has good leadership skills and she’s a great leader,” Kaiyla Jackson said. “On and off the court, so putting her in that position of leadership is just natural for her.”

One of the initiatives Mitchell plans to pursue as president is “Reading with the MEAC.” It is a community service program that gives back to the black children in the community of schools in the MEAC.

“We want to be able to go out into the community and to be able to do community service with the children everywhere around our MEAC,” Mitchell said. “Because a lot of our MEAC schools are HBCUs and we want to give back to the black community as well.”