Four students collaborate on clothing line

From left to right
Edward Whitfield , Kareem Ross, Daquan Johnson, Markus Harris. Photo courtesy Ross

It started as an Idea during the summer.  Then it turned into a business.

Kareem Ross, Edward Whitfield, Markus Harris and Daquan Johnson are four Florida A&M students who have created the brand 7wazee Eagle Eye Etc.

“We started off as a record label, with Kareem as the first artist,” said Harris, 24, when asked about the idea behind the company.

The four connected right away. They met in Tallahassee as schoolmates, and then they became roommates.

Each wanted to be in the entertainment industry while pursing different majors in school. They also needed to make ends meet as young adults.

They knew they had a calling. They were determined to make a name for themselves while creating a platform where it’s possible to invest in yourself and make it.

“Daquan was one of my childhood friends growing up,” said Ross 23, as he described his relationship with his colleagues.

Created in 2017 with music under the Eagle Eye name, they eventually added 7wazee as a clothing line along with business consulting and a cosmetic line.

“With the name it was unique, and we wanted to be different. Eagle Eye is the concept of eagles having the best vision and they’re focused. We knew we had to be focused to obtain our goals and be successful in life,” Ross said.

Because they are FAMU students, they felt it was only right to have a collection with the school’s orange and green colors.

“We tailor to everyone including college students. FAMU will always be home to us so we created a collection specifically for our students to wear and show school spirit,” Whitfield, 23, said.

Black millennials are starting businesses and many are flourishing. College is known as the prime time to try new things and see if it works out in your 20s, also called the “selfish years.”

“When starting a business it’s best to stay grounded and humble. Don’t get too high off your success and don’t get too low on your failures because if you do either you’ll get yourself used to failing when it was meant for you too succeed. Surround yourself with people who want to do the same thing as you and never be the smartest person in the room,” Johnson, said.

With the cold season approaching they plan on creating a sweat suit set with cotton to keep you warm.