Hendricks inspires during her return to The Hill

Denise Hendricks here with Sports Reporter, Coy Wire and SJGC students
Photo Courtesy of FAMU SJGC Instagram page

Howard University wasn’t the only team to visit Florida A&M University last weekend.

CNN and HLN also made a stop and brought along FAMU alumna Denise Hendricks. 

Hendricks paid a visit to her alma mater over the weekend to assist in live shots done by CNN sports reporter Coy Wire.

In addition to her degree from FAMUI, Hendricks earned a master’s in Christian education from the Interdenominational Theological Center, and a screenwriting certificate from Emory University.

Hendricks is also an award-winning television producer. She has been in the entertainment and news industry working for numerous platforms such as: NBC, CBS, ABC, and “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Though coming back to FAMU was an exciting experience, Hendricks not only came back but she gave back to the student body.

During Friday’s and Saturday’s sports tailgate students were able to gain insight on what it’s like to produce for platforms as significant as CNN and HLN.

During her visit, Hendricks talked about some of the key factors she learned during her time at FAMU, which have carried her throughout her career. 

“Some of the key factors I learned when I was here at FAMU was the motto ‘Excellence with Caring,’ so I try to put in the utmost and highest level of work,” Hendricks said.

With a hectic career Hendricks finds balance in her daily activities by remembering the persistence FAMU taught her.

“One of the things FAMU taught me is to be persistent in getting things done and accomplishing things. There are a lot of things at FAMU that may seem that they are standing in your way to accomplish your goals, but if you’re persistent and you keep trying and keep working hard and keep building up those skills that you need for life, that persistence will take you very far,” Hendricks added.

Hendricks’ advice to students inspired many Rattlers to keep striving for greatness.

“Watching Denise in her prime and seeing how much she has accomplished in her career was truly inspiring. Not only is she setting an example for young women like me, she exemplifies how important it is to work hard in every aspect of your life,” said Madeline Smith, a sophomore journalism major.

Students said that learning from professionals in the media industry is beneficial. However, it’s more special when it’s a former Rattler who is sharing insight on the “real world.” 

Josiah George, a graduating public relations major, said, “It’s always great to hear from professionals, but Denise was a Rattler herself, so she knows how to relate to us students and help aid our transitions from FAMU to the real world.”

Hendricks wants students who are looking for a career in the media industry to hone their skills as a journalist. She said internships and networking are key factors in finding success after college.