Mind Your Business Expo shines a spotlight on student businesses

Beta Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., host of event

Hundreds of people turned out at The Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.’s Mind Your Business Expo at the Grand Ballroom Monday night. 

A post went up a couple of weeks ago on the sorority’s Instagram page allowing businesses the opportunity to register for Monday’s event. Registration ended on Nov. 14. and all businesses were welcomed to register. 

The Black business expo celebrated, educated and empowered student-owned businesses. The vendors were given the opportunity to showcase their work and sell their very own products. 

Onyeka Ibe is a pharmacy student and a vendor that attended the Mind Your Business Expo. Ibe is the owner of Cevon Accessories that specializes in fashionable and affordable jewelry. Ibe did more than just selling her products, she also got the opportunity to network with students as well. 

 “It’s more than just sales because I’m getting exposure and also connecting with other students. If they don’t buy today, they’ll buy later down the line,” said Ibe. 

Vendors and customers scenery. photo by Vanessa Ferguson

Vendors attended the event to not only help their existing businesses but to also encourage aspiring student entrepreneurs to kick off their own.

“I would encourage anybody who wants to be an entrepreneur if you want to sell something if you want to provide a service to just go ahead and do it,” said Ibe. 

The Mind Your Business expo had 20 vendors come out and promote their business. The lineup of vendors was very diverse. From beauty, cosmetic & personal care to an online one-stop-shop for college needs. The Haus of Heels, Tiffany’s Beautiful Bracelets, Mafia Mugs, Navineeds, Tempo Finds and Trap Barbie Cosmetics are just some of the black and student-owned businesses that came out to Monday’s event. 

The different number of vendors is one of the main reasons why Gabriela Chelsie Servin, a third-year psychology student with a minor in public relations took part in this event. 

“I saw that there was going to be different kinds of vendors with things I was interested in, especially makeup. I came out to network and see what I can get best for myself and help my very own business,” said Servin. 

No type of exclusion was present at this event.

The Mind Your Business Expo had opportunities and immersive experiences for everyone.

Danielle Tate current chapter president
CEO and founder of Woo Minks, posing in front of her business. Photo by Vanessa Ferguson

“It was a variety. There wasn’t just stuff for girls. There was stuff for guys as well. Somebody was selling durags,” said Servin.  

To be a vendor and sell at Set Friday, you have to pay a fee to the university. Because of this, many students aren’t able to come out to the set and showcase their businesses.  

“We know some people never had the opportunity to go on the set and be a vendor because of prices. So, we wanted to make sure it was cost-efficient, so they can market their business much as possible,” said Danielle Tate. Tate is the current chapter president of Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and CEO and founder of Woo Minks. 

This expo also featured music, giveaways and even had a photo booth. 

“We are here for the students. We know a lot of people on campus have black-owned businesses.  We wanted to give them the opportunity to market their business,” said Tate. 

The Mind Your Business Expo did just that.

Gabriela Servin & Kaylce Brailsford (owner) posing with Trap Barbie Cosmetics Photo by Vanessa Ferguson