What’s the tea?

20th Mr. FAMU, Crenel Francis Jr. and Patrick Walker-Reese, host of the More Than Tea tour and Aspire Chief Dream BLDR
Photo by Tracy Noze

The More Than Tea tour hosted by Aspire and fueled by Teavana had its eigth stop at Florida A&M University on Friday in the Grand Ballroom. 

The purpose of the event was to create an experience where students are exposed to their better selves. The event was also an opportunity to tell students how they can enter to win a $10,000 scholarship, all courtesy of Teavana.

The three main discussion points of the event were vision, passion and development. Throughout the event, affirmations were said aloud to increase audience participation and personal and stating their dream to the crowd. Students’ dreams varied but all were on the common ground awareness. 

Patrick Walker-Reese hosted the event and began with selecting students to introduce themselves and state their dream to the crowd. Students’ dreams varied but all were on the common ground that success was the goal. 

After students’ introductions, the crowd was encouraged to give three claps to affirm their positives and dreams. 

“The whole point of this event is to enable these students to chase their dream in a more realistic way,” Walker-Reese said. 

The event transitioned into a mindfulness session by Christina V. Raiford, Aspire’s Mindfulness BLDRS: Connection. Breathing techniques and the emphasis on receiving through meditation to visualize vividly was the purpose of the session.

 FAMU student, Anaya Green attended the session and left satisfied. 

“These mental tools given today will help me find a way to navigate through today’s world,” Green said. “These techniques will teach me to work hard toward my dreams and focus on myself and not on others.” 

Teavana tea tasting station
Photo by Tracy Noze

After the session, students were encouraged to share their experiences. Sha’riauna Campbell gained valuable insight from the event. 

“This exercise alone allowed me to do a lot of introspection,” Campbell said. “I was able to think, and I enjoyed it.”

Students were then provided resources to create their personal mission statement. The following format was used:

 I am (first and last name). I will be a (dream). This will help (who and how that dream will be impacted). 

Along with the mission statement, students engaged in a session of understanding the animal that aligns with their personality type. This was to help with chasing their dream and bettering themselves. 

FAMU Royal Court with Teavana tea
Photo by Tracy Noze

Campbell further commented that these two things “enabled me to be certain in what will be my future and how I can work toward my goals every day.”

The event ended with students being given information on how to apply to the $10,000 scholarship and a Teavana tea tasting. 

Those in attendance believe the goal of this tour and event was achieved.

“This tour was a great way to combine what we do and our ability to expose the black community to the mental and spiritual benefits of drinking tea,” Walker-Reese said. 

This event can be described as an interactive session that promoted student participation and accomplished its goal.

 For more information on the More Than Tea tour visit http://morethanteatour.com/ and their Instagram at @morethanteatour.