Review: ‘Harriet’ brings Tubman to life

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The movie “Harriet” is what some would call the closest and most perfect reflection of what Harriet Tubman was actually like. From capturing her beginnings as a slave, her escape, and the dangers she went through to help others escape, it is truly inspiring.

Directed by Kasi Lemmons, the heroic movie was released on Nov. 1. Lemmons really made me feel as if I was part of the movie. I would catch myself getting emotional and feeling courageous at the same time. It was honestly a crazy feeling.

There were scenes in the movie that reflected on Tubman’s relationship with her master’s son, and how she was his “favorite slave” and that’s why she was never sold off and separated from her mother.

The movie also portrayed how Tubman was technically supposed to be free, as was her mother and the rest of her family. They even went so far as to get a lawyer, but their master tore up their papers and refused their freedom.

One very iconic scene was, after the conflict of Tubman and her family trying to talk to their master about them being free, and getting denied. Tubman ran off and prayed to God that she wanted him to harm the master for being such an evil person, and the next day the master died.

That really got me to thinking, your tongue can be a powerful thing, and you have to be careful what you wish for.

Tubman wished for her master to be gone, and gone he was. But his son overheard her, and that wish changed her life forever.  Some might say for good, others might think for worse.

Had Tubman not said that prayer, and not been heard … she would have never run, because essentially the only reason she ran was because she was about to get sold off and separated from her family, which she did not want.

The movie captures so much of her life, and gives the audience more understanding about this courageous woman, who had such a huge impact on our lives.

It is definitely a must see.

I would give this movie a 0 out of 10, only because I felt like it could’ve elaborated more on her after-life and how things were so much different for her and her family, but it was still a great movie.