Grad student the ‘go to’ barber on campus

Walls paying close attention during haircut
Photo courtesy By All Means Creations

A recent graduate of FAMU has become the “go to” barber around campus.  Meet Jonathan Walls, a 2018 graduate of Florida A&M who is pursuing his MBA at FAMU.  Walls is a member of the brotherhood, Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, and is known around campus as “the guy who cuts hair.”

Walls was born and raised in Jacksonville.  His father spent 32 years in the Air Force, retiring as a colonel, and spent 20 years with the Federal Aviation Administration.  Walls’ mother obtained her MBA and worked for General Motors; she also has her real estate license and owned several rental properties.

Walls was destined to be great. At age 16 his father stopped giving him money for haircuts.  The problem solver quickly figured out he needed to learn how to tend to his own hair. His mother bought his first pair of clippers, and Walls got to work.  He figured he could make money doing it as well and started practicing on his friends.  

Once making it at FAMU, Walls was one of the guys to go to on campus for a haircut.  Walls created his personal brand, Klean Kut Studio, where he performs as a barber. 

Now he is established and is “the guy” to go to for a haircut. His availability for the week gets booked within hours of him opening them up.

“During FAMU homecoming, you have to book Jon at least a month in advance, he gets booked so quick it don’t make sense man,” said Ricky Kirkland, one of Walls’ clients.  “I make sure I book in advance every time, because I can’t let just any other barber give me a haircut.”

Walls is a versatile individual. He originally was admitted to FAMU as a pre-pharmacy student, graduated with a bachelor’s in biology and is now earning his master’s in business.  The reason Walls wanted to obtain his MBA was to gain knowledge and experience to be able to start and manage his own business.  

“I wanted to learn how to run and operate my own business.  I have had an entrepreneurial mindset since I was young,” said Walls. “Eventually I want to own multiple Klean Kut Studios and have barbers working in them for me.”

After getting his MBA, Walls plans on opening and owning a barbershop and salon.  He also wants to manage several rental properties and gain work experience in corporate America.

“I welcome all men, women and kids to get their haircut. I do it all. I appreciate all the support and growth over the years, it hasn’t been an easy stroll,” Walls said.

Walls’ instagram handle is @kleankutstudio, booking times and dates are located in his bio, as he only works through appointments. He can also be accessed through direct message.