Gun control: A necessity

Photo Courtesy of Google Images. 

The recent loss of rapper Nipsey Hussle marks yet another gun death in the mainstream hip-hop community. This is a reminder of the way the threat of gun violence haunts our communities, especially Black communities.

Immediately after Hussle’s death, rumors began to circulate on social media that the mogul had become a target by the government for working on a controversial documentary about herbalist Dr. Sebi, who was known for treating a few celebrity clients and once claimed to have cured AIDS.

However, conspiracy theories aren’t needed to explain Hussle’s death: He was shot by an old acquaintance. This death, like the many caused by gun violence, reiterates a thought that you may not be safe in the place you call home.

Here in Tallahassee the gun violence is higher than it should be.

Last month three shootings took place in the span of five days, one of which was fatal. And early Saturday morning, four local college students (three are FAMU students one is a co-op student at FSU taking classes at FAMU, according to the university) were shot at a house party near Florida A&M University's campus.

According to a Tallahassee Democrat analysis and map of 2019 shootings, that was the 18th shooting this year. To date, three months and one week into the new year, leaving three are dead and at least 21 injured due to gun violence.

Last year it’s been documented that there were 50 shootings in Leon County, most within the City of Tallahassee, leaving 11 people dead and at least 38 people injured.

The Tallahassee Police Department is calling for people to drop their weapons and use their words.

"We don't want this to happen to us. Please, please, put the guns down. Talk it out," said Officer Damon Miller, a spokesman for TPD.

The organization Moms Demand Action recently came to Tallahassee to continue their fight for gun reform. MDA has groups in every state. It is tackling issues like stricter buying and carrying laws, the arming of teachers and more.

“It’s really disappointing and scary to see continuous shootings occurring within the country, especially when it’s so close to home,” said Leann Rabbani. “And I think we are way over due for new gun legislation.”