County vows to expand access to meetings

The Leon County Commission held its biweekly meeting on Monday.
Photo Submitted by Travis Rodney

The Leon County Commission held its first meeting of the month on Monday to discuss several agenda items.

One of the key items is the action plan to implement the strategic initiative of increasing the quantity and quality of citizen input opportunities. According to the meeting’s agenda booklet, this item has a fiscal impact. The goal is for cord cutters —citizens who have cut their cable subscriptions for cheaper streaming services — access to Leon County video programming on streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, etc.). This will give cord cutters the same access as cable subscribers.

It is recommended that $7,000 will be allocated from the general fund contingency account.

Commissioner Kristin Dozier expressed her appreciation for the consent item.

“As a cord cutter, sorry Comcast and everybody else, I am thrilled with the item on cord cutting,” said Dozier. This is going to increase our access and the public to our meetings and other things.

In addition, the item will give residents more opportunities to interact with the Leon County commissioners. “

Some of the opportunities include:

  • Nextdoor- a social media app that will allow citizens and neighborhood representatives to engage with the county on specific issues affecting them.

  • Focused on People – a public social media event that will start this spring, allowing people to ask questions on local issues. According to, rotating interviews of County experts will stream live on social media platforms as well as be archived to view later. This event will be held several times a year.

  • Coffee with the county administrator- starting mid-2019; each quarter County Administrator Vince Long and other key staff will sit down at different venues to share a cup of coffee with citizens and answer questions in a relaxed environment. Commissioner Bryan Desloge asked about the coffee event.

“Is the coffee with the county administrator going to be kind of like ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ with Seinfeld?” Desloge jokingly said. “I’m all in.”

Other future opportunities will include a community survey that will take place during the planning year of every five-year strategic plan cycle, and email survey feedback, which will assess customer service and county programs according to the agenda booklet.

The board approved the item unanimously.