Professional headshot day gave students an advantage

Fang Leadership Academy and Jewels Inc. provided professional head shots to the first sixty students on Friday March 8th in the Efferson Student Union from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. This opportunity gives students the chance to get the photo for websites and LinkedIn account.
Photo Submitted by Noah Davis.

Fang Leadership Academy and Jewels Inc. provided free professional headshots to the first 60 students on Friday, March 8, in the Efferson Student Union from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The purpose of the event was to give students an opportunity to have a professional headshot to use on websites such as LinkedIn.

Certain Florida A&M University schools require its students to have a LinkedIn account. This opportunity gave students the chance to get the photo for their account.

Jackie Woodruff, senior healthcare management major, thought the free headshots were an amazing idea. She believed The Career Center should also look into starting initiatives like this for students, especially seniors.

“Having a professional headshot photo will allow me to be a successful student because I am a graduating senior of the Health Care Management Program seeking jobs in my career field,” Woodruff said.

There were only 25 students who took advantage of the free headshots. Many students forgot about the event and were distracted by Set Friday. Javier Johnson, senior interdisciplinary major, explained why he missed out on the event.

“I planned on going to get a headshot since I am graduating in the spring of 2020,” Johnson said. “But I went to set Friday and did not bring clothes to change into to look professional.”

The photographer was Cortney Steward, a sophomore pre-pharmacy student and branch director of Jewels Inc. Steward believed a professional headshot day was important because a headshot will be one of a companies first impressions of a prospective hire. She detailed this is her second time doing this within the semester and that she wants to continue providing her services to the student body for free.

Steward said it is good to have a professional headshot when you are ready to start interviewing for jobs, and that could be as early as freshman year, so students should continue checking their emails for the next free headshot day. This opportunity will come again but it will be first come first serve.

Stephanie Colter, Leadership & Service Learning Coordinator at Efferson Student Union and Activities, was eager to have this event again in the semester.

"Originally we planned for the event to be a one-time opportunity but students who missed the time slot continued to request for professional headshots,” Colter said. “So we decided to make it a recurring event so students have multiple opportunities.”

There has not been a date selected for the next headshot day but for more information, students can reach out to Colter at or visit Efferson Student Union.