Victorious People helps homeless FAMU students

Nicole Jefferson, an assistant in the College of Pharmacy, has started a non-profit to help students.
Photo Submitted by Nicole Jefferson.

Nicole Jefferson, an administrative assistant in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is the founder of Victorious People, and she found a way to bring together students and members of the community to host her inaugural “More than enough” conference.

The conference took place Saturday and it was designed to create an environment for young entrepreneurs, students and other millennials to come together and be empowered by one another.

This one-day experience is designed to empower college students to reach their full potential.

The event started with a brief back history on the Victorious People nonprofit organization.

Vendors were also present, and a sponsored lunch was provided for attendees to mingle and network.

This conference also provided participants with tools to be a successful college student and shared different ways to succeed in every area of your life. This event aimed to reignite your passion to attain your goals, propel you past your disappointments, or push you to discover a new you.

Jefferson brought together powerful speakers, music, poetry and a thought-provoking panel discussion.

“You will have the opportunity to network with other college students and connect with individuals working towards the same goals as you,” she said.

Jefferson has more than 20 years of experience working within the field of higher education and student services. She’s always been passionate about her students and their success.

This led her to start her nonprofit organization, Victorious People, which is a nonprofit geared toward helping those students enrolled at FAMU who don’t have housing.

“I was given a vision of this conference that will make an impact on students’ lives for years to come,” said Jefferson.

The organization offers transitional living at no cost for up to three months to female students who are homeless. Half of the proceeds raised during the event will go toward the expansion of the organization and its needs.

Leah Thomas, a junior at FAMU DRS, was one of many teens attending the event. She will be a dual enrollment student at FAMU starting this summer. After completing high school, she wants to major in business administration.

“Although I’m not sure of exactly how I want to use my degree yet, I know that I want to do something to empower my generation and give back to the community. We need guidance more than ever right now, and Ms. Jefferson is a great example in leading the way,” said Thomas.

The event featured guest speakers from all across Florida, many of whom were recent graduates from FAMU’s pharmacy program.

Melydna Rackley, a 2011 Florida A&M graduate, was among those in attendance Saturday and served as emcee. She serves her community today by practicing untraditional social work. Just one year after graduating, Rackley overcame a disabling stoke. Since then she has used her personal testimonies to reach out to others about self-actualization.

Rackley has written a book, “Just Keep Walking.”

“These are three words that I had decided to live by. No matter the circumstances or life’s obstacles, we must keep walking in our purpose because the journey isn’t always going to be easy. As it shouldn’t be, that’s what builds character. At the end of the day you must always have in the back of your mind that you are more than enough,” said Rackley.

For more information on how you can be a part of this victorious cause and those interested in donating, contact Nicole Jefferson via email at or by phone (850)-212-6569.