Career fair brings opportunities to students

Photo Courtesy of FAMU Forward.

With graduation right around the corner, many students are vying for jobs related to their respective majors. Florida A&M University’s Career Services hosted an Education, Health, Nursing, & Social Sciences Career Fair on Wednesday, March 6th in the Al Lawson Multipurpose Center and Teaching Gymnasium from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

With the job market being so competitive, any leg up to gain a lucrative internship or job offer is a plus. The career fair hosted on campus gave students the opportunity to interact and market themselves to prospective employers.  Phillip Smith, a Recruitment Manager from City Year, explained the importance of a professional appearance.

“Business etiquette is a very big stand out for me,” Smith said. “Making sure that you are introducing yourself with eye contact and a firm handshake makes for a good first impression.”

This event had numerous recruiters looking for young and bright students located on FAMU’s campus. The list of recruiters came from various organizations, schools, and businesses such as The Army, City Year, DaVita Health, Urban Teachers, the University of South Florida, University of Florida, and many public-school districts from all over Georgia and Florida.

At events such as these, a student’s first impression can be their last based on their attire or how they speak to a recruiter.  Students were encouraged to put their best foot forward in order to make a lasting impression with recruiters. On the flyer promoting the event, students were advised to be dressed in professional business attire and have resumes ready to handout to employers.

Being involved on campus and active in the community can also add bonus points to those who attended the career fair. Aside from academic achievements, recruiters were also looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join their staff.

Zae Finley, a recruiter from Urban Teachers, expressed he was eager to meet students who were well-rounded.

“We’re looking for recruits that are active on campus and are looking to make a difference in the classroom and have an impact,” Finley said. “Our goal is to lock that revolving door of having teachers in and out of the classroom.”

The career fair wasn’t only for graduating seniors looking for employment, but also other students that need and/or want an internship prior to graduation. For other students, the career fair was an opportunity to see what career paths may be an option for them after graduation.

Mia Anthony, a junior healthcare management major, noted how this event was a great opportunity for her to network and review her post-graduation plans.

“As a Healthcare Management student, it’s a part of our curriculum to have an internship before we can graduate,” Anthony said.  “After college, I want to do one year in a hospital facility for experience, then enroll in the army.”

If you are a student in need of some guidance on what to do next after graduation, visit the Career Center on campus, inquire about when the next career fair will take place, and other career opportunities they may have available.