Moricette new FAMU student body president

SGA Logo of the Student Senate.
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 D’Shai Wilkerson.

The spring 2019 elections included a bit of 11th-hour drama.

After initially declaring a run-off for student body president early Wednesday morning, the Electoral Commission announced Wednesday afternoon that Senate President Rochard Moricette had been elected student body president for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Moricette and his running mate Natalie Antenor (1,163 votes) had more than 50 percent of the votes cast and were able to turn back current student body vice president Robyn Seniors and Rebekah Hawkins (587 votes).

The Electoral Commission announced the results of the spring 2019 elections at 3:15 a.m. Wednesday, and run-offs were scheduled to take place for several key positions.

More than 40 students ran for Royal Court, Student Government Association and Campus Activities board positions.

As a result of this election, the 113th Miss Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is Kyra D. Freeman, who received 1,237 votes. She previously served as Miss Sophomore Attendant. The Queen of Orange and Green is Breyanna E. Williams, who received 1,581 votes. Miss Sophomore attendant is Jazmine Runyon, with 392 votes.

As far as Student Government Association, the new Electoral Commission is Aaricka Freeman, who received 1,958 votes. Keely Coleman as Miss Senior Attendant received 368 votes. The eight junior senators are Travis Finley, Israel Chipman, Kyra Watts, Maya Robinson, William Walter, Xavier McClinton, Corrie Watt and Theresa Jean Louis in no specific order.

For Campus Activities Board positions, senior class [resident and vice-president are Brandon Graham and Mikala Shannon, who received 467 votes. Junior class president and vice-president are Cassandra Clitus and Jean Tanelus, who received 482 votes. Sophomore class president and vice-president are Cristen Jones and Winslyn Parrish, who received 541 votes.

Mister Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has a run-off election between Crenel “CJ” Francis (646 votes) and Elijah Casey (589 votes).

King of Orange and Green is having a runoff between Jiared Crowd (955 votes) and Sidney Fleeks (767 votes).

Miss Junior Attendant is having a run-off between Alexis Bridges (179 votes) and Claudaja Registe (145 votes).

Run-off elections will take place on Thursday  from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for those candidates.