Candidates croon at karaoke night

Students filled the Rattlers Den Friday for  Candidates Karaoke.
Photo Submitted by Sa'Vanna D. Smith.

The sounds of laughter, joy and excitement filled the Rattlers Den at Florida A&M University Friday evening. Students from different classifications and majors filled the room to take part in an event called “Candidates Karaoke.”

While the event was a night for students to come out and take a break from studying to mingle with peers, it doubled as a chance for candidates for the upcoming election to bond with the students who would soon have the opportunity to vote for them.

At the end of the month students will be able to vote for the Royal Court positions such as Mr. and Miss Florida A&M University as well as student government positions.

Rebekah Hawkins, who is running for vice president, wants the student body to know that she “became immersed in the culture of FAMU and learned about her purpose.”

The election is in what is called “Dead Days,” where candidates are not allowed to rally for support or ask students to vote for them.

Students were given the opportunity to see the candidates on a more casual level than at Declaration, which took place last Sunday in the Grand Ballroom.

Rattlers were allowed to choose any song of their liking and sing until their heart was content; no matter if they were able to hold a tune or not. Former Queen of Orange and Green Ijeoma Ogala said: “I have to sing Britney Spears one more time before I leave tonight and that will make me happy.”

When asked if the Declaration of Candidacy had a direct impact on who he voted for, freshman music major Avery Evans said no. “Declaration does not have an impact, it is basically an introduction to the candidates that are running for a certain title,” he said.

Before the events ended at 8:15 p.m. Corey J. Creary mentioned that he believes that his decision for who he votes for to become the next Miss FAMU will be determined by “who is really the most genuine person at the end of the day.”

As with every event, the Rattlers put on a show when performing the song of their choice. From love songs to their boo, to pop songs to pay tribute to their favorite artist, the karaoke night was surely a night to sing about.