Student Senate hopes to fill four seats

Photo Courtesy of the SGA website.

There are four senate seats available in the legislative branch of FAMU’s Student Government Association.

According to Elections and Appointment Chair Christopher Miller, there are three freshman seats and one senior seat that need to be filled. Miller said students must have a 2.5 grade point average and be a senior or freshman to apply.

Specific duties and responsibilities are found in the Student Body Statutes and the Legislative Branch Internal Rules and Procedures on the SGA website under documents.

Get a meeting with the E&A Committee after applying and if you get a favorable recommendation you move on to the senate floor,” Miller said.  After going through another interview, Miller says you must be voted on by the entire senate.

Freshman Senator Maurice Gilbert says he wants all prospective senators to have a robust, general understanding of the various documents that the student body is governed and regulated by, be willing to learn quickly and to be confident in their ability to make tough, independent decisions.

Gilbert believes that senators are meant to not only represent their respective constituents based on classification, but also represent all of the students at Florida A&M University. That role should be taken seriously, Gilbert said.

“I’d like to consider my biggest accomplishment in the senate to be the suggestion of several amendments to the FAMU constitution during our recent Constitution Convention Committee,” Miller said.  “Some of those amendments may be placed on the ballot for students to vote on in the spring elections, which I am tremendously excited about, especially considering I was the only freshman chosen to be on the committee.”

To maintain their positions, senators must remember they are students first and like every student, they have to effectively balance their work life and school life and manage their time effectively, says Gilbert.

From his experience being a freshman senator, Gilbert says If an individual is motivated, driven, and willing to work hard, they will have tremendous success in the senate.

Students can apply for these positions on the FAMU SGA website under employment.