Killette tees up a new business

Merland Baker, loyal customer and junior social work major wearing a MoMM hoodie. 
Photo Submitted by Kha’Mari Mitchell.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find their passion in life.

Chase Killette is lucky times two. A 20-year-old business management major at Florida A&M University, his first love is golf. He is a member of the Rattlers’ golf team.

He also has a newfound passion for designing clothes, and it is taking him in other directions.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Killette always had his own sense of style, though looking back he’s terribly ashamed of the pieces he put together during his middle school days. By the time high school came around he had definitely found his style and his friends noticed as they always relied on him to dress them when it was time to get clean.

“I can say I really got my sense of style at first from my older cousin. Just from riding with him all the time and seeing how he dressed I had to get right,” Killette said.

MoMM (Master of My mind) is the name of Killette’s brand. In December of 2017 he finally decided that he wanted to start designing clothes even if it was something as simple as T-shirts. With the wheels in his head cranking out ideas daily he knew he needed to at least make one shirt to see how his peers would react.

In April 2018 the first drop of MoMM collector tees were released to the public via Instagram and Twitter. The positive responses everyone gave him the fuel to expand and create even more.

“My first drop I can admit I was so nervous just because I didn’t think people would actually like my designs or just not like it in general,” Killette said. “But now I get more excited than anything to release my new items and see the reactions of my customers and peers.”

Expanding and networking to get his name and brand across the world is on the top of Killette’s list of goals.

Geraldo Bina, a professional soccer player in Paris. Recently wore pieces from the MoMM playground rules T-that that dropped in June 2018.

Merland Baker, a loyal customer and junior social work major, shared his thoughts about MoMM.

“MoMM is by far one of my new favorite brands. I have a couple tees and a few hoodies actually. I just appreciate how the designer touches every piece of clothing and the quotes on the back I actually relate to. It’s just nice to know that the person running a brand cares about their customers,” Baker said.

Junior psychology major Bernard Jennings said he never would've imagined his friend designing clothes.  “I think it’s great that a young black male has found a way to express himself considering many of us do not know how to. Typically young black men rap so seeing someone take another route is nice.”

Killette will never give up his first love. He is still on the FAMU golf team. But in his spare time he will continue designing clothes and expanding his brand. Items can be found and purchased via Instagram @mommmarketplace.