FAMU students participate in recount video

FAMU Political science major Jeffery Simmons participates in recount video after the 2018 gubernatorial race.
Photo Submitted by Sebrenia Coleman.

Florida A&M University students saw it necessary to be involved with the gubernatorial recounts. While there was a state-wide initiative to recount all the votes, students decided to let their voices be heard in a recount video on Nov. 11th.  

The students spoke about the importance of making sure everyone’s voices are heard during elections and that students help by volunteering to do the recounts of votes.  Political science major Taylar Hall was happy to be featured in the video.

“I think the video was needed to boost the morale of students and the community”, said Hall. “After Mayor Gillum conceded, many people were upset and lost hope, but we needed people to know that the fight is not over.”

Computer science major Sebrenia Coleman made and produced the recount video. Coleman and pre – physical therapy major Zoe Mitchell gathered the students for the video to rally support for the recount effort.

After the historic run of Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum, campaigning to be Florida governor, an unforeseen event occurred.  Due to the candidates not having a larger margin of votes to be elected governor, a recount was triggered.

Political science major Jeffery Simmons believed students have a large hand in effecting change in politics.

“Student involvement in politics matters because students have a special power to bring change to our society that often lies untapped,” Simmons stated. “We have the incentive to volunteer, we have access to our communities and we have an enthusiasm and brilliance that adults oftentimes lack.”

Since volunteers were needed to help conduct the recount, Hall felt the need to include the student body in the efforts.  She believes the students will potentially be the next leaders of the country and should be involved in policies that will eventually end up affecting them.

“You have to be the change you want to see,” explained Hall. “I believe it’s important to be involved in politics as a student because many of the decisions made by politicians affect us directly”.  

The recount initiative began when many mail ballots and early votes had yet to be counted. There were over 100,000 untabulated votes that were still arriving from Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Biochemistry major Ebonee Maxey was a part of the recount promotional video, believes there is no excuse for students not involved and educated in politics. She hoped students would become more aware of the important issues and laws that all levels of government decide on.

“Mobilize and educate yourself on politics. Social media and videos are an easy way to spread information to the younger population, which the student population consist of mostly,” Maxey said. “A video makes the information more exciting to know and watch rather than having to read endless paragraphs for it.”

As students give their account of the importance of their roles as voters, it is evident that they understand their responsibility. If there’s one thing these three students agree on, it is that just as the younger demographic are vibrant and intelligent, they are also passionate and politically aware.