BSLS completes donation drive

Big Sister Little Sister recently concluded a collection drive for homeless women in Leon County.
Photo submitted by Breyanna Homes

Big Sister Little Sister held an “We Matter Period” donation drive for homeless women in the region. The “We Matter Period” drop-off boxes were at several places on campus for donations. This 14-day drive started Nov. 16 and ended Nov. 30.

“We Matter Period” is a drive that focuses on the lack of feminine care products in community shelters. The donations consisted of tampons, pads, flushable wipes, liners for panties and thongs, soap, perfume, small carrying cases, menstrual pills, powder, hand sanitizers and panties (all sizes).

“It was so heartbreaking to see women go through this. Being that I keep tampons and wipes on me, I couldn’t imagine having cramps and not having anywhere to go,” said Breyanna Home, vice president of BSLS.

BSLS purchased zip-lock bags and big donation boxes. The organization raised $218 in monetary donations and gave away 406 zip lock bags. This is BSLS’ second time having the “We Matter Period” donation drive, because of the successful donations and women involved this has become a mandatory event for BSLS.

“I was proud to help women in the Tallahassee community who can’t afford feminine care products. We received a lot of love and support around the Tallahassee area,” said Homes.

There are more than 50,000 women unsheltered and living on the streets in the United States. BSLS made arrangements for the organization to meet and greet with some of the women receiving donations. BSLS donated to the Oasis Center for Women and Girls, the Big Bend Homeless Coalition Hope Community, the Grace Mission and the Refuge House.

“We wouldn’t be able to be who we are if it wasn’t for people who care about others and donate. That’s how we keep up at being able to help people,” said Lilvani Nazavio, program director at Oasis Center for Women and Girls.

BSLS’ mentoring program is founded on women empowerment which made it important for women to help women who are less fortunate.

The donations put smiles on all of the women's faces and shelter staff that received donations from this service project.

“Having a donation drive is very pivotal when it comes to organizations. I’m grateful for things like this because it represents uplifting women and positivity,” said Kiana Bryant, BSLS member.