Black Student Union hosts ‘SEXpectations’ seminar

Event flyer

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Florida State University’s Black Student Union hosted “SEXpectations” Thursday evening, concluding its Health & Athletics Mini Week.

The sexual education seminar was led by Kelly Grove, the sexual health coordinator in the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness (CHAW), located on FSU’s campus.

Grove’s upbeat and welcoming personality got the attention of the audience, helping them to get comfortable as she informed them on all things sex.

The first topic of the night was consent.

“Here at FSU we define consent as, asking the explicit question of a capable person, with adequate disclosure and without coercion,” said Grove.

Grove went on to explain and break down the definition of consent. With the help of two audience members, she posed examples of getting and giving consent the right way.

With every sexual education presentation, the discussion of practicing safe sex is a must.

Grove provided tips on how to make sex with a condom fun, along with demonstrating the different types of condoms that can be used, including an internal condom for women, called the FC2, and the Dental Dam.

Kelly Grove, Sexual Health Coordinator, FSU-CHAW.
Photo submitted by Kaiya McIntosh 

As the presentation went on, the topic of STIs/STDs came to the forefront. For the last six years, Leon County has had the highest rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea in Florida.

Generation Z is labeled as “hook-up culture.” Grove shocked the audience when she provided them with the stats that they are the least sexually active compared to Generation X and Millennials. But Generation Z is more likely to have sex outside of relationships.

According to the information provided by Grove, Generation X had the highest level of sexual activity, and highest teen pregnancy, in comparison with Generation Z.

Zahra Dixon, a junior family, and child science major and current director of health and athletics for the BSU, said that they collaborate with Grove and CHAW to bring awareness of sexual health on campus.

“Our sex seminar is a staple event that we do every year. It’s a very important topic for students at FSU, and they don’t really get to learn about it in class, so this is a space where they can come and learn,” said Dixon.

Dixon said she liked how open Grove was during her presentations, making things that she might have frowned upon more understanding and interesting.

"I definitely recommend people coming to the sex-ed seminars in the future, just because it’s a very important life-topic and you get to learn a lot of different things,” said Dixon.

First-year graduate student, Stephanie Benoit said her experience at the seminar was great and that she found the session informative.

“I love how she was very open about sex, I feel like society makes it closed and secretive when it doesn’t need to be,” said Benoit.