It’s clear many students dislike clear bag policy

FAMU's clear bag policy is here to stay.
Photo submitted by Dymin Cannon

At least two things are crystal clear regarding the university’s new clear bag policy.

First off, it is here to stay, according to the athletics department. And second, it’s clear that many students don’t care for it.

The university created the policy to provide a safer environment for the public at Bragg Memorial Stadium during the football season, and it went into effect Aug. 31.

Fans were required to carry bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12 inches by 6 inches.

Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap could be taken into Bragg Memorial Stadium with a clear plastic bag. 

Many students at FAMU are not too fond of the policy created for games and events.

Jarnae Combs, a sophomoer pre-nursing major from Detroit, had nothing good to say about the new policy.

“I think this policy is making students spend more money than they actually have to because the only time we would use the clear bags is when we are attending a football or basketball game. Since the policy was created, I don’t think I have attended more than two games this semester,” she said.

Kiyah Ellis, a sophomore pre-nursing major from Atlanta, found out about the policy in class.

“A lot of my classmates thought the new policy was pointless. Some of my classmates were confused as to why this policy was being created this year. I figured FAMU would adapt to this policy, since this policy is used in Orlando for the annual Florida Blue Florida Classic. Even though the university encourages students to buy a clear bag, I won’t be buying a clear bag any time soon,” she said.

Florida A&M students are still expected to follow the policy while attending basketball games at the Lawson Center, and at other events held there.

Sophomore business administration major Jaelyn Falana talked about how she thinks the new policy invades privacy.

“I understand the purpose of this policy is to create a safer environment for the students and or alumni at the university, but certain things should have been taken into consideration when this policy was established. It invades privacy and exposes our personal belongings,” she said.

“Although the clear bag policy has its cons, the policy also has its pros. If this policy will create a better environment at events and games for students, I am for it,” Falana added.