Fake it ‘til you make It Society

“Fake it until you make it”, is a saying we often hear but is it one that young people are taking too literal in hope of becoming famous?

There was a video trending on social media of young African-American girl who goes by the name of, Treasure, who was on Dr. Phil’s Show claiming that she hates black people and she is 100% white. During the show she expressed that she hates how black people speak, dress, act and carry themselves.

However, social media users later found out that it was all a lie. About three years ago, Treasure spoke about loving her black skin and about police brutality. Social media users and Dr. Phil’s audience concluded she was going on the show to speak against black people for money and fame.

Dejas Mattis, a senior public relations student had strong feelings on this topic.

“I think this is a very popular way people will use to get noticed and famous.” Mattis says, “I think that people who use this tactic are desperate and need to try and come up another way. It makes them look stupid and ignorant, they say and do the most outlandish things to get famous on social media and it’s annoying.”

This is not the first time this has happened. It has happened before, on Dr. Phil, with a Caucasian girl with reckless behavior that also mistreated her mother. I’m afraid that such manipulation for recognition can entice future generations.

Jasmyn Ruja, a senior psychology major thinks the same.

“I do think it is a trend for people who are trying to be in the spotlight to pull stunts such as this, even those who are already in the spotlight, it helps them stay relevant.” Ruja said, “I do not agree with it though. I feel if you are doing things for the right reasons and following what is inside of you then you will be recognized when it is your time to be recognized.”

“People have incompletions about themselves and are caught up on the glamour of what is trendy so that they can mask their own flaws,” says Terrius Bruce, a junior environmental science student from Tallahassee, Florida. “The society has become mentally and emotionally sick.”

Will we have to sell ourselves short just to get attention? My hope is that isn’t the path our society follows. I believe after a while, individuals will get tired of it. It leads to questions such as, what would be the new acts young people attempt to become famous and get attention? Will we ever get back to staying true to ourselves and will we let fame come if it is part of our destiny? Only time will tell.