She aims to have her own cartoon

Sample of Rikki Bell's work.
Photo submitted by Rikki Bell.

A critic of her own art but a beast with the tool, the artist Rikki Bell plans to take her passion for drawing to another level. She plans to reciprocate it onto a canvas called life.

Several years prior to Bell moving from Detroit to Tallahassee to pursue her college degree, she attended Detroit School of Arts. While attending the performing arts school she majored in visual arts.

Bell is the oldest of four girls: Kailey, Brooklyn and Jersee. Due to Detroit’s crime rate, Bell’s mother, Kimberly Sanders, moved the family to the suburbs after Bell completed the seventh grade.

“I wanted my kids to remain safe. Detroit was getting too bad,” said Sanders.

The passion for drawing allowed Bell to indulge in the world of imagination and creativity. She uses colors and patterns to express her love for art.

At the age of 3 Bell and her family knew she had a passion for drawing.

“Rikki would always come home with an award for her artistic capability,” said her sister Kailey Bell.

Bell, a senior at FAMU, is majoring in public relations and wants to start her own cartoon business that incorporates animation. After her undergrad, Bell said she wants to get a certification or degree in animation. She plans to advertise her cartoons through her public relations marketing firm while also making T-shirts, pants, cups and etc.

As a cartoonist connecting lines, shapes, and colors to make animation is Bells dream. She described creativity as the power to connect with souls throughout different forms of art.

Bells draws to express herself so she can tell her story through animation. As she paints the perfect picture of life in her head she draws out the different ideas that are in mind.

Every artist has their market. Bell’s creativity is not only shown through her artwork but is expressed through what she wears. She walks into class with pink hair, blue slim fit jeans and a white shirt that reads, “I am my own canvas.”  Her passion for art is infectious.

“I like to follow my dreams and not be scared of what others may think,” Bell said.