Bagel Bagel: So nice they named it twice

Breakfast plate from Bagel Bagel.
Photos submitted by Christina Compere

Trying to find parking was not easy, so there had to be a treat waiting at Bagel Bagel, a hidden breakfast spot on West Pensacola Street. 

The post-game surge of all ages from the Florida State game against Clemson mad it obvious that this was a staple place to eat in the community for students and alumni.

While standing in line, an assembly line of cooks and staff were preparing meals and calling out orders to pick up at the counter. The friendly cashier was ready to take orders as well as help in the kitchen to decrease the line faster. 

The cafe-style restaurant was filled with at least 30 people coming in and out the doors for hot food to dine in or take out. The room was filled with conversation and the sounds of sports on the TV screens. 

The turnaround time for “to-go” orders was so fast I thought that they knew what I wanted or had everything pre-made. Breakfast food in less than 15 minutes. The bagel orders were served swiftly to happy customers. 

The choice of bagels range from blueberry, everything, cinnamon raisin, plain and more. The menu included a classic bagel breakfast sandwich or a burrito. Filled with a meat, egg and melted, yet tasty cheeses like provolone and cheddar.

A sausage egg and cheese melt on a cinnamon raisin bagel was good. Not bad in taste but a side of grape jelly helped a lot. It was a fair amount of food with a sausage patty, egg and provolone cheese on each half.

The sandwich was too big to put together so eating it by halves definitely satisfied the Sunday breakfast experience. A very filling meal that comes with a side item. Although hash browns was requested, a bowl of lightly seasoned and crispy potatoes was in the order instead. 

The rush of customers did seem to make the assembly line of workers push items out faster without a regard for taste. The price is reasonable, paying less than 10 dollars for the meal with no drink.

They had a buffet of drinks across from the counter. The hot and cold coffee options contributed to the awesome breakfast smells that meet you at the door when you walk in. 

Overall the experience was good. It would be nice to go during the week when it is less busy when they will have the orders correct. If you want to try this breakfast place for yourself, visit Bagel Bagel at 2401 West Pensacola St., Suite J.