Going pink as a FAMUly

Generation Action strikes at Pink Out Carnival
Photo courtesy of Vanessa Ferguson

On Wednesday, students, survivors and community members were welcomed to The Quad with food, games, music and a haunted house to “strike out breast cancer together,” by the Student Government Association at the Pink Out Carnival.

The haunted house was unfortunately shut down shortly into the event because the fire alarm sounded.

SGA Deputy Surgeon, Kimberly Williams expressed the purpose of this event as the crowd grew larger and the sky darkened.

“For me and my Surgeon General Jade Bryant, we definitely wanted to get the campus involved and get them aware about breast cancer in a fun, interactive way,” Williams said. “We have games such as the dunk tank, and the tables have different games about breast cancer awareness to let people know what symptoms they should be looking for, and then give them ways to be able to donate to breast cancer but while still having fun.”

She expressed how pleased she was with the overall campus engagement and went on to name some of the organizations present at the event.

Physicians in Training, Black Women in Medicine, Big Sister Little Sister, The Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and SISTUHS, Inc. were just a few of the organizations present.

As the night went on, the lines for games grew and people who weren’t waiting to play games were either dancing, eating or getting pied.

Jada Lloyd, a member of SISTUHS, Inc. stepped away from her organizations’ table to explain their game.

The game called “Bra Pong” mimicked beer pong except instead of drinking cups, players had to successfully get their ball into each of the bra cups. Successful players were rewarded with candy.

“My favorite part of the event was seeing everyone’s intense face who participated in the game,” Lloyd said. “The atmosphere was extremely energetic and it almost felt like a party.”

Lloyd like many others present felt she had an obligation to be engaged at the Pink Out Carnival.

“I’ve had family members that suffered from breast cancer,” Lloyd said. “So, being able to put my time into an event that brought awareness was something I was all in for.”

Lloyd expressed how excited she is for next year’s carnival and headed back to her table, which still had a line of people waiting.

Lizzie McColly, a sophomore sociology major who helped players at the “TaTa Toss” has also been affected by breast cancer in her family. This is one reason she created a poster for those present that explained how people can do their own breast examinations.

She expressed that in addition to raising awareness for breast cancer, she was granted the opportunity to bond with her FAMUly.

“I think students really enjoyed tonight’s event,” McColly said, “It was a combination of Halloween, music and fun, and raising awareness for breast cancer.”

Williams’ hopes for this event did become reality. People at the Pink Out Carnival were overcome with joy and charitable spirits. And, though the music stopped, and The Quad cleared, the knowledge presented at the carnival will live through those who were present.