The great debate: Rattlers Nest vs. President’s Dining Room

The food court located on Florida A&M University Campus.
Photo submitted by Alyssa King.

There are five dining halls on Florida A&M University’s campus, but students tend to favor two particular places: The Rattlers Nest and the President's Dining Room.

When asked to name the best place to dine on campus, many students suggested The Rattlers Nest (fFoote-Hilyer) or the President's Dining Room (PDR) because they serve the best quality food.

Both of the dining halls are open Monday-Friday and offer a variety of different meals, but what differs is the quality of food and the dining experience.

“I love PDR, I go there at least once or twice a week,” FAMU student Deashia Clayton said. “I like the atmosphere of the place compared to the other dining halls on campus. It’s more of a restaurant than a on-campus dining hall.”

The President's Dining Room is set up as a dine-in restaurant. There is a host stand as soon as the students walk into the room. From there, they are taken to their table where a waiter or waitress will serve them.

The Rattlers Nest is set up like a typical campus dining hall. Students go up front and place their order and then go sit at a table which is first come, first served.  

When asking students their preference between the two dining halls, the subject of fried chicken Wednesday was brought up repeatedly.

There is home style cooking available to the students in the various dining halls across the campus. Some of the food includes fried/grilled chicken, yams, collard greens, cornbread and more.

The great debate of The Rattlers Nest vs. the President's Dining Hall circled around which served the best food on fried chicken Wednesday.

“The only place to go for the best food is The Rattlers Nest. Period,” Devon Driskell, a freshman business administration major, said.  “Every time I go there the food is on point from the chicken to the cornbread.”

While some agree that The Rattlers Nest has the best fried chicken Wednesday, others disagree.

“The Presidents Dining Room has the best in my opinion,” said Montekis Jones, a senior at FAMU. “I don’t know why, but the food tastes better over there than any of the other places on campus.”

Although the two differ in appearance, it seems to be a close call on which establishment serves the better food.