Voices Poetry Group’s annual event tonight

Voices Poetry Group
Photo courtesy of Chepelle Johnson

Voices Poetry Group is having its annual Kill Em’ with Poetry event from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday in the multipurpose room. This event occurs each fall semester. 

There is a different theme each year and this year’s theme is homicide of history, which will be a play of words on history. 

The vice president of the organization always picks the theme for the event. Linney Osias, a sophomore English major, serves as the current vice president and event planner.

Learning about Obeah and Yoruba practices sparked Osias’ decision for the theme. 

“I was inspired to do this theme after I took an intro to literature class with Dr. Ford over the summer,” Osias said.

“The purpose of this show is for the poets to bring awareness to each topic and raise questions,”  Osias added.

Voices has been around since 2009 and has about 70 active members and a total of 158 members.

There will be nine members performing in the show. The performers were decided based on auditions that were open to the members and whose work relates best to the theme. 

“Everyone was excited because we all have been inspiring each other to write about issues, whether it is religion, racial barriers, etc.” Osias said.

Each spring Voices has a poetry event around Valentine's Day titled Stroke My Mind.  At this event poets speak on love, sex and heartbreak.

“Kill Em’ With Poetry is more of an event responding to people that have you “f’d up,” Osias said.

Each performer will have a three-minute gap. There is an estimate of 70 attendees because it is a more intimate show compared to Stroke My Mind.

Last year at the Stroke My Mind event there were over 100 attendees and it was held in the Grand Ballroom.

“We always encourage our members to be true to themselves and honest with everyone, so the audience can connect,” Osias said, “It takes a lot for them to go up there and tell their stories, they work really hard.”

Jabari Capers, a junior electronic engineering technology major, is excited about performing. “I don’t get nervous because I love performing and I get to be a whole new me,” Capers said.

Christian Singletary, a junior music industry major whose stage name is Napalm, is also looking forward to performing. “I think it’s going to be a really good show,” Singletary said.

JeMaris Warren, also known as Riot, served as the former vice president and will be performing in the show. “My topic is about misogyny, and its seductive nature and it may catch people off guard,” Warren said. “They call me Riot because you never know what to expect.”

Voices Poetry Group allows students to express themselves.

“I joined Voices in the fall of 2015 as a freshman. At that time I really wanted to find different ways to be creative and Voices was an avenue for that expression with dynamic personalities,” said Daniel Joseph, a Voices member.