New black-owned company aims to help students with roadside assistance

Black-owned business "Campus Roadside" vehicle parked in the FAMU parking garage.
Photo courtesy of Campus Roadside

Campus Roadside is new, black-owned roadside rescue and safety company in Tallahassee. Founded by Florida A&M University alumnus Shane Brewster, the company hopes to end student dissatisfaction with roadside assistance.

After working at several roadside companies, Brewster realized a trend with students. Every day the students experienced some sort of lock out and grew dissatisfied with the overpriced fees from other businesses. With compassion for students, Brewster ran with his vision to do something about it.  

“If you want to be an entrepreneur as a student you can’t be scared and if it comes to it you can’t be hesitant to walk away from school because if you put the work in it will benefit you in the long run,” Brewster said. “I started entrepreneurship while in college and as a student I saw a need for others.”

Brewster had been in roadside services for two years, working 60-70 hours a week at the time. After learning the business and seeing the need for students, Brewster decided to pursue full time entrepreneurship instead of finishing his college career.

Kene Gamble, a financial accounting student at Tallahassee Community College, supports the company due to the affordability and customer service.

“As a college student it is extremely important to me for businesses to cater to the needs of students at affordable rates,” Gamble said. “In this college town, we students always try to buy discounted items and find the best prices for our situation.  The service Shane provides is new and efficient for all. Knowing someone has my best interest in price and is dependable wins my support every time.”

The services the company provides are flat tire changes, gas deliveries, car and home unlocking, and full locksmith service. The company also incorporates programs such as bus stop safety and stranded motorist services.

Besides auto-related work, Campus Roadside has teamed up with first responders to assist in natural disasters locating hazardous conditions. With this partnership, the company hopes to prevent car accidents or severe traffic jams.

FAMU alumna and Campus Roadside supporter Jade Clark believes that Brewster has a unique business. She noted that his out of the box thinking is what really drives customer support.

“He created a company that primarily caters to the campus community in Tallahassee, but services all,” Clark said. “Campus Roadside differs from other roadside businesses because the services are quick, reliable and affordable which is what anyone can appreciate in a college based town and is greatly needed.”

To keep business student budget friendly, Campus Roadside have rates start as low as $10. The company’s main goal is to create safe environments for motorists with a focus on school campuses and student residential properties.

For service, and quotes you can call: 850-629-8569 or visit:

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Photo courtesy of Campus Roadside