A new experience with great fondue

Melting Pot restaurant located on North Monroe Street
Photo submitted by Princeton Studstill

The American dining scene was enhanced in April 1975 by the introduction of fondue.

Established in Maitland, Florida this menu choice was originally of three options: beef, chocolate or Swiss cheese fondue.  

After visiting The Melting Pot for the first time I was quite impressed.

“A first-time customer can expect a unique dining experience,” Matthew Watson, manager on duty at The Melting Pot, said. “We offer our 4-courses, but we’re especially known for our famous chocolate fondue.”

The restaurant has a very intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The decor is modern with updated appliances and the lighting is very dim with soft music, setting a romantic mood.

The tables of the restaurant include a built-in heating element, and a steel pot is used to melt or cook the food provided.

With the expansion of the restaurant chain, The Melting Pot has also expanded its menu choices.

The menu is complex with a variety of fondue items.

The meat choices are chicken, pork, beef and seafood (offered in various flavors) which are all served raw for you to cook right at the table. You have the option of choosing which cooking style you prefer such as seasoned court bouillon (light and versatile), mojo (bold and flavorful), coq au vin (classic and elegant), and BOURGUIGNONNE (traditional and hearty). 

“I believe being at the melting pot is a great experience not just for the customers but also for the employees,” Hannah Strong, hostess for The Melting Pot, said. “We all help out to make sure everything goes smoothly. So, come hungry because we cater all specials occasions so if you want to treat yourself come on in.”

The appetizers offered are a variety of their award-winning cheeses fondue, which is freshly melted in front of you at the table; served with artisan bread (gluten free bread offered upon request), seasonal fruits, and fresh veggies for dipping.

They also offer a selection of fresh beers to be melted along with the cheese.

The entree portion of the menu might be slightly confusing, but with the help of the hospitable waiters it makes it a lot easier. You have the choice of the four-course experience, which includes cheese fondue, salad, an entree choice, chocolate fondue or you can decide to “create your own” choosing up to three or four various items of meat.

Every serving includes up to six dipping sauces made fresh daily.

“My first time at the melting pot was on a date and I loved the experience,” Jamira Pryor, Florida A&M University alumna said. “I would recommend this restaurant to anyone open to trying something new and wanting tasty desserts. Don’t be alarmed by the prices I promise it’s worth it.”

The Melting Pot offers a “college night” special for students every Tuesday at the restaurant located at 2727 N. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida. There are other opportunities to benefit from the specials on entrees, deserts, drink specials and much more. To find out more, visit The Melting Pot website.