5 final candidates for COE dean

College of Education Dean search was Held at the College of Pharmacy.
Photo submitted by Jasmine Williams

The Florida A&M University search committee for the dean of the College of Education met on Thursday. The meeting took place in a conference room in the College of Pharmacy.

Marlon Honeywell, chair of the search committee, informed members that their job is to vote on the next dean for the College of  Education. The nine members on the committee are Peggy Auman, Steve Chandler, Rufus Ellis, Price Sarah, Bernadette Kelly, Ghazwan Lutfi, Serena Roberts, Rose Campbell, and David White. There are a total of 11 committee members but two are non-voting members.

The first order of action was to solidify the next meeting date to continue the decision process. The provost would like for the committee to have its recommendation made within the next two weeks in order to move forward, Honeywell said.

The provost would like to the new dean to be able to have input on the next FAMU DRS superintendent. A search is underway to fill that position.

Ellis, a professor of health and physical education and recreation, weighed in. “When I was invited to serve on the committee I made a conscious decision to be an active verbal contributor to the process. Given the ambition of the provost and those above, It is very important for everyone to realize and actualize that many of us are faculty members.”

Throughout the meeting, the committee members started the review all of the candidates. The committee was asked to vote on a total of five candidates.

These candidates would move forward to a Skype interview where they will then decide who the committee would like to bring to campus for on-site interviews.

 “Whatever we do it has to be fair for everyone else,” Honeywell said. He is an associate dean in the College of Pharmacy.

During the meeting, the chairman and committee members thoroughly reviewed each candidate. They voted anonymously on a piece of paper, saying “yes” or “no” for each candidate.

There were a few concerns addressed from committee member White. “We want to get this done as soon as possible but as a committee member we have our concerns,” White said.

The committee focused on each candidate’s vita, which is a professional resume. There were a total of 12 candidates but only five made the cut: Alfred Bryant, Donyell Roseboro, Nicole Strange-Martin, Alisa Taliaferro and Allyson Watson.

One of these five candidates could be the next dean for the College of Education.

A previous search for a COE dean took place during the spring semester, but it was not succedssful. New deans began this semester at the College of Pharmacy, College of Science and Technology and the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication.

Interim deans are in place at the College of Law and School of Business and Industry, as well as the College of Education.

The search committee recommends candidates to the provost, who ultimately decides on who to hire.