Block party features ballot information

Table & DJ set-up for the block party
Photo submitted by Kiana Bryant

Dream Defenders Action and Color of Change PAC came together Saturday to host a block party called “Pregame to the Polls.”

 Participating organizations included Vote Mob, Florida Student Power Network, HBCU Climate Change Consortium, Florida A&M University Student Government Association, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition and Ben & Jerry’s.

The event aimed  to encourage the community to vote in next month’s mid-term election. The main goal is to increase engagement among local residents and surrounding counties.

Dream Defenders is building a powerful, deep, local, organization and movement for freedom in Florida. Dream Defenders was founded in 2012 to make powerful change come to Florida. Color of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. It is helping people respond effectively to injustice. As a national online force driven by more than 1.4 million members, its main purpose is for the government to create a more humane and less hostile world for black people in America.

FAMU students assisted with the event along with local radio stations, residents and volunteers. It was held on Perry Street, behind Bragg Memorial Stadium.

Tywon Jones, a junior at FAMU, enjoyed the Pregame to the Polls event. “Voter percentage seems low in this area and this event actually has people that looks like they are having a great time while bringing more voters to the FAMU/FSU area,” he said.

Student lined up to order food by Pineappetit food truck
Photo submitted by Kiana Bryant

Students ideally gravitate to more social events, but Saturday’s block party helped bring awareness on voting while enjoying free food and music.

Dream Defenders and Color of Change want to ensure that the people are comfortable answering each question on the November ballot. Information on the amendments, questions about the upcoming election and having the opportunity for local residents to sign up to schedule a carpool ride to the polls were all part of the event.

Jamoni Arnold, senior public relations major at FAMU, helped organize this event. “Overall, it was a success. This event is relevant in every city and every state. Everyone should have knowledge on upcoming elections and they can have a great time while still being informed,” Arnold said.

These organizations are dedicated to community service all across the world, while focusing on keeping the black community fully informed.

“This is pivotal to the upcoming election. We need more events like this because it brings awareness and its helps the students and the community,” said Bryan McCarthy, a junior at FAMU.