FAMU alumni award black male students over $10,000 in scholarships

1 Brother 2 Another  event awards over $10,000 in scholarships 
Photo Credit: Manhood on the Go

On Oct. 4, over 50 male scholars were present in the Student Union Multipurpose Room at Florida A&M University for the Manhood On The Go Foundation’s “1 Brother 2 Another Men’s Expo.” The event was in partnership with the Student Government Association.

The highlight of the event was the 25 scholarships which were awarded to male students generating over $10,000 in scholarship money.

Health Studies major Rashard Wilson was the recipient of the Stevens Family HBCU Scholarship. He was ecstatic to be rewarded for his hard work.

“I am thankful for the scholarship and positive examples set in lives of the panelist which motivates and influences others to pursue their goals,” Wilson expressed.

Manhood On The Go is a nonprofit organization created in 2014 by Iman G. Sandifer as a personal initiative to provide future generations with help wherever is needed.

Sandifer is a K-20 educator from Hallandale Beach who currently serves as a district legislative aide to Florida State Senator Annette Taddeo. He is an alumnus of FAMU and felt it was important to give back.

“It is blessing to see so many rattlers giving back to their peers through the redistribution of wealth and knowledge,” Sandifer stated. “It is important create awareness of resources available to students whom may seek advice towards how to reach their goals as well be able to assist them financially.”

The Manhood On The Go foundation is committed to tackling the excellence and opportunity gaps that impact ambitious young men in under-resourced communities in the United States.

The event offered free food, music and vendors, including different brands and organizations such as S’ Curl Flow health care products, Profound Gentlemen, Rattlers United, Flexin’ My Complexion, the FAMU Progressive Black Men and the Collegiate 100.

At the expo, FAMU alumni gathered together in a panel discussion conducting conversations exploring careers, supporting entrepreneurship and defining manhood.

The panel was comprised of accomplished FAMU alumni and student entrepreneurs that encouraged, guided, and informed young men about the path of entrepreneurship.

Panelist and FAMU alumnus Jared Eummer is the creator of Dream Marketing Group, a lifestyle event curator and a business developer at Suzy, Inc. He stressed the importance of networking.

“Always remember take of advantage of information given to you through networking by utilizing all forms of resources available to you,” Eummer explained.

Some other topics discussed were the importance of being a brother, physical and mental health, respect for women and developing relationships. A significant topic of conversation was how to gain awareness of resources and accessing them.

Business professionals explained the value of networking and gave advice on how to seek mentors. They also educated attendees on the reality of industries and the importance of early preparation to develop skills on how to achieve goals.

It was safe to say the event was a success in informing male scholars on the steps to success as well as motivating them with positive influences by FAMU alumni. Hopefully this leads to more scholarship opportunities in the future.