In and Out more than a barbershop

Zacchary Clemons take pride in his work.
Matthew Donaldson | The Famuan

Self-care is important when working on yourself. Perfecting yourself is a lifelong journey that has to be done because there is no greater product than you.

Zacchary Clemons, the proud owner of In and Out Barbershop for the past 10 years, prides himself on making sure his customers take care of themselves. He believes that he and his barbers assist clients in their efforts by providing the best service and quality with elite haircuts.

Clemons a Rickards High graduate and a resident of the Bond community, is a master barber who has been perfecting his craft for more than 30 years; 27 of those years as a licensed professional and the first three were for experience purposes. His inspiration for becoming a barber was he wanted to make money as well as be his own boss.

Clemons, along with the rest of his barbers, believe that their jobs are more than being barbers.

“We here at In and Out believe we are a pillar in the community. We are a community barbershop that prides itself on keeping business circulating through the community and we set a good example for the kids what good business looks like,” he said.

Malik Gidds, a Florida A&M University student as well a customer at In and Out barbershop for the last 18 months, is a believer. “In and out has old-school vibe to it. Although I’m not from Tallahassee the shop’s set up reminds me of back home and they have excellent customer service because they want to see their customers happy.”

Levern Fountain, a former classmate of Clemons, says he admires his friend’s sense of entrepreneurship. “Iv been knowing Zach from since the ninth grade, he’s always expressed his desire for being a owner and having money. Which he has both and I’m proud of him,” he said.  

Clemons has established a reputation for consistency and professionalism that has made him highly respected in the Bond community. He is one of the longest standing barbers in the Big Bend due in part to his expertise .In and Out Barbershop is located on 1422 Disson St. and is open five days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; walk-ins are welcome.