Wells Brothers Bar & Grill: Casual food done well

Wells Brothers is located on West Tharpe Street directly across from Wells Fargo.
Photo submitted by Portia Akins.

Wells Brothers Bar & Grill is located on West Tharpe Street directly across from Wells Fargo. It is a comfortable, fun venue that serves burgers, salads, pizza and more. They offer “College Days” where students receive 25 percent off. Mondays are for Tallahassee Community College students, Tuesday’s are for Florida A&M University students and Wednesday’s are for Florida State University students.

Wells has received “Best Burger” award from the FSView and Florida Flambeau’s Best of Tallahassee Awards for three years straight. Their most popular item is the Gator-Hater Burger, topped with roasted red peppers and smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and their house-made barbecue sauce.

Photo submitted by Portia Akins.

Upon entering the restaurant, a friendly staff greeted me, and I was seated immediately. There are seating areas both upstairs and downstairs; I decided on the upstairs bar area and a waitress was ready immediately to take my order. I asked her for a few minutes and this gave me time to go over the menu. I was pleasantly surprised. They offer specialty burgers, a wide variety of appetizers, sandwiches and vegetarian options.

After reviewing the menu, I decided to build my own burger. I was happy that you are able to pick how you want your burger cooked. I decided to go with a well-done burger, lettuce, spicy mustard and ketchup, and pickles. I’m not much of a burger person so I was not comfortable with “going crazy” and choosing a specialty burger. I also decided on a vanilla milkshake instead of a soft drink and a side of regular fries.

My food came out fairly quickly, I assume because there were not too many people in the restaurant. The burgers and fries were steaming hot. The burger was messy from the grease and condiments but nonetheless, the best burger I’ve ever tasted, and the fries were seasoned to perfection. The only downfall was the milkshake. It was not blended well enough.

Overall, Wells Brothers Bar and Grill is a great place to consider when going out with friends or family.  The overall atmosphere was fun and comfortable, and the food is delicious as.

The owners also have a sister restaurant, Midtown Caboose located on North Meridian Road at Seventh Avenue.