Relocation of Vendors for Homecoming

The FAMU Vendors located on Wanish Way.
Alea Williams | The Famuan

Homecoming is right around the corner and the vendors are being relocated while new construction is underway at Florida A&M University.

Lots where dorms and parking lots resided are being reconstructed. One of the construction sites at FAMU is for the new Student Success Center.

“Adjustments made to vendor locations are due to the construction of the new CASS building. Making what used to be the Gaither/Gibbs parking lot unavailable, as it is an active construction site,” Kelvin Rosier, FAMU Associate Athletic Director said. “Homecoming vendors will set up in front of Gaither Gym, Lua Bartley, Howard Hall and/or Perry Street.”

All vendors have been informed by the vendor applications form. The applications are available online and include important details.

“Vendors will have their normal space and credentials available, as stated in the vendor application/agreement,” Rosier said.

Some people are concerned about how the vendors will be set up along the street and if it will be inconvenient or difficult.

“Yes, I think it will be an inconvenience for the vendors to be relocated,” Jalen Douse, a senior business administration major said.

The Executive Director of Rattler Boosters, Tommy Mitchell said, “It’s not a major relocation…well fortunately we have construction coming up in terms of the building that’s going to be there, so that created a problem for them (vendors) not being in the parking lot, but they’ll still be where they’ve always been in the street, so it’s not going to be a major inconvenience.”

Another concern is whether or not the vendors relocation will have an impact on the accessibility of parking.

“Reasonable accommodations will be made for drop off and pick up, but parking on site will be limited and/or not available,” Rosier said.

Mitchell explained how he felt like parking would not be an issue.

“As far as I have been told there’s not going to be any real inconvenience, the only difference is that they’re going to be further down the street. But all that means is that they can park on the side streets, so it shouldn’t be a major problem for anyone, at least I hope because understand the university wants them there,” Mitchell said.

FAMU reviews the vendors locations annually.

Regarding the vendors profits, will the relocation improve or decrease profits?

“I think it will make vendors sales go down, but people will also still walk around and see their merchandise,” Douse said.

While Douse felt like the relocation would would decrease profits, Mitchell felt a bit different.

“Oh absolutely, our folks will buy FAMU stuff and we are number three in the country in terms of attendance for schools our size. So there is never going to be a problem for folks not wanting to buy FAMU paraphernalia. Most of us buy from the vendors, I mean I have a whole closet filled with Rattler stuff, while we also buy from the bookstore as well most of us buy from the vendors because they come up with fashion that won’t necessarily be in the bookstore,” Mitchell said.

Homecoming is a very busy and fun time for people all over the world, including students and alumni. The new construction on FAMU campus will not stop the legendary FAMU homecoming to continue to be great, so expect every vendor and merchandise to be extraordinary.