Local artists, entrepreneurs in spotlight at Fuzzy Pineapple festival

The Fuzzy Pineapple Fest 2018
Angel Miller | Staff Reporter

The Fuzzy Pineapple Arts & Crafts Festival is designed to showcase young entrepreneurs whose impressive artistic skills may not be well known to the general public.

The annual festival, now four years old, was held Saturday on Paul Russell Road.

The Fuzzy Pineapple is an online, handmade accessory and clothing business owned by FAMU alumna Nefatari Dennard. The purpose of the festival is to expose young local artists to the Tallahassee community all the while showing them how to brand and market their art to make a profit.

Festival attendees painting freely on empty canvas
Angel Miller | Staff Reporter

“The mission of it (The Fuzzy Pineapple Festival), is to get local Tallahassee connected with local Tallahassee artists” Dennard said.

On the Fuzzy Pineapple Festival web page, there is a resource center for artists to get inspiration on how to set up their booth, product tagging, and other business savvy pointers for them to work smarter not harder.

Although the festival prides itself on being specifically for local artists connecting with the community, Dennard plans to expand to host semi-annual festivals for artists and business owners not limited to the Tallahassee area.

“Next year I will be rolling out the Fuzzy Pineapple – Small Business Expo for businesses that aren’t handcrafted businesses but still want to be part of it,” she said. “What I am trying to do is keep the two separated while still supporting the local economy.”

The festival supports various artists, musicians, photographers, and cosmetologist as they present their talents to the Tallahassee community. It is Dennard’s mission that artists can make a profit from their talents while those attending the festival can experience different forms of art.

Orion, co-owner of Peach Nektar, a skin care and healing product line, believes the event gives artists a chance to showcase the quality of their talent.

Owner of Peach Nektar giving insight on products.
Angel Miller | Staff Reporter

“This is a fantastic event. I love the vendors and the quality each vendor brings to the festival. We are happy to be here.”

Kenya, a FAMU alum and owner of KenyaKUUMBA, LLC., believes that the festival was nothing short of amazing and productive.

“This has been a really amazing event,” she said. “It’s great for local artists to come out and represent what they offer to the city. I really appreciate Nefatari (Dennard) for putting this together for all of us to enjoy. I’m happy to be apart of it and would love to participate again in the coming years.”

Dennard had some supportive advice to other young artists and business owners.

“I do not have all the answers and I am still learning but, always believe in yourself, keep people around you that also believe in you, and if you want it work for it.”