SJGC grad eager to make her dreams come true


Post-grad life can be very stressful and at times discouraging. But former FAMU j-school student, Eboni Walker, wants to help other students avoid this post-graduation “nightmare.”

After just two months after graduating, Walker has already made her mark in the entertainment world. She has flown to California, Miami, New Orleans and even New York City in an effort to make her dream to be an entertainment journalist come true.

“I cannot lie, I have cried more in post-grad life than I have in undergrad,” said Walker. “It has not been easy for me at all. I have been scraping pennies to fly to these destinations but it honestly has all been worth it.”

Since graduation, Walker has been walking with the stars. She went from being behind the scenes at the BET Awards to catching a few interviews at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. Her most recent stop was in New York City, where she visited Viacom for a summit and was invited to an event that is streamed live on BET called #BlackGirlsRock.

Da’Vonna Tucker, a recent Florida State grad and Walker’s best friend, explained how proud she was of Walker.

“I have literally watched her lose sleep over this. She has worked so hard and I cannot wait to see where life takes her,” said Tucker. “I am so happy that I get to take most of these trips with her and watch her do what she does best. The feeling is amazing.”

Walker wants to focus on bringing more opportunities back to the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication. She believes that sometimes students are not aware of all the opportunities that are out there and she has to do her due diligence of giving back to her university and community.

Walker reflected on her undergrad days and laughed because she thought the journey was going to be easy.

“I always thought that it might be a piece of cake in the real world, but it is actually so scary.”

Stephanie Lewis, Walker’s mother and number one supporter, said that every dollar she has invested into her daughter has been worth it.

“All I ever wanted her to do is follow her dreams and if that means I have to go broke in order for her to become rich and take care of me, I will do that,” Lewis said jokingly. “I know how much she wants to give back and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes her.”

Walker plans on exploring the entertainment field a bit more in hopes to gain enough knowledge to start helping others. She plans on coming back during homecoming to help others obtain knowledge, experience and internships in journalism.