Rising Mexican singer performs at Railroad Square


Yaneth Sandoval performing live at The Black Dog.

Mexican vocalist Yaneth Sandoval performed live Monday at The Black Dog at Railroad Square Art Park.

Sandoval was on a five-day tour in Tallahassee performing at various venues throughout the city.

Monday was the last day of the tour.

There were approximately 20 people in the crowd, but that didn't nix Sandoval's motivation to deliver an enjoyable show.

 "This crowd was the smallest that turned out all week, but that's not the point,” Sandoval said. "I perform because I love to perform and when the crowd isn't huge, I look at the performance as practice.”

Sandoval performed with a live band comprised of students from Florida State University. The show was split into two sets and Sandoval sang a total of 12 songs. Gracing the crowd with a naturally smooth voice, Sandoval says she has a coach to help perfect her voice.

"My voice came naturally, but I always had a coach to help me work on it," Sandoval said. "I think talent can only get you so far, hard work and guidance is the key.”

Sandoval has been singing and performing professionally since the age of 12.

"I've been singing since forever, but I started singing professionally at 12," Sandoval said "I began to perform professionally at the age of 15."

Sandoval said just because she's been singing professionally for years, she didn't feel as if she knew everything about music. Sandoval said she was always open to criticism and learning more about music; she even went to the University of Guadalajara to further her education in music.

"Oh yes, I went to college because I wanted to be perfect at what I do," Sandoval said. "Music is more than what you see and hear, it’s an art. What the fan gets is just the finished product, not the hours of hard-work and brainstorming."

Though Sandoval performed with a band, she said she's a solo artist. When she goes back to Mexico, she's a back-up singer for famous musician Margarita La Diosa De La Cumbia.

Sandoval ended each of her sets by singing a Stevie Wonder song and she received a standing ovation.

Tallahassee native R.C. Johnson said he enjoyed the time he spent watching Sandoval perform live.

 "The show is pretty cool plus I like live music," Johnson said. "Yaneth is actually doing pretty good. She can actually sing and she's really into it, so I'm entertained."

Sandoval's music can be streamed on iTunes and YouTube.