Handshake, a job search database, taking off


The Career and Professional Development Center at FAMU is promoting a new database called Handshake.

 Handshake isn’t a new database but it is new to the university. The system is used nation-wide but is used specifically at the university to recruit students and help  students and alumni find employment.

 More than 800 schools around the country use it. This database is like websites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Indeed. You are able to set up a profile with your job experience and skills that employers can look at.

“Handshake offers a variety of services to help identify what your interests are what your passions are and how those can translate into an appropriate major selection to help with your career choice,” said Christopher Anderson, internship coordinator and FAMU-FSU College of Engineering consultant.

Shereada Harrell, director of the Career and Professional Development Center said, “Last June we received the software and some of the employers worked on it to make it accessible to our students. Then we held a soft launch in September to bring awareness and in January was the official launch.”

There are many resources that this database offers. It allows you to set up your profile and it generates the jobs that match you specifically. You can choose certain locations you would like to work, all cities and states, different fields of work you’re interested in and the system would put the most relevant jobs on you home page.

Junior Kaiya McIntosh said, “I’ve been using Handshake since March and I love it. I’ve secured both an internship for this summer as well as for the fall semester both locally. I actually prefer it over the other job sites because you don’t receive a bunch of clutter emails from other websites and jobs you didn’t apply for.”

There are also events listed that the university is hosting such as career fairs and information settings where employers would come out and give information about their company and their work environment in order to recruit students.

“We help students search for internships, apply for them, critique resumes and cover letters. Also, we go as far as helping with application assistance and practice interviews. The goal is to help students leave with a degree in one hand and a job in the other,” said Anderson.

Handshake is accessible by the internet website or you can download the app and be notified when an employer has viewed your application. The database will still be available to students once they graduate. For all services offered by the university are free to alumni.