Florida Wing Factory a cut above


If you’re looking for a factory that is swiftly producing wings, you’re at the wrong place. The Florida Wing Factory is a small and personal restaurant despite its name. 

The factory specializes in wings. The environment of the restaurant is tranquil. Not much of a hustle bustle happening in the building. 

It has more than 30 flavors of wings ranging from a simple mild sauce to a spicy jerk pineapple. The wings were fried to perfection. They also offer a peanut butter & jelly flavored wing. The place is prized on its food being quality but still affordable. 

Most things on the menu are under 10 bucks. It also offers a lunch special. 

The menu is diverse. It is known for the stuffed chicken wings. You can get the wings stuffed with macaroni and cheese, bacon and cheddar or jambalaya rice and sausage. The stuffed wings are then fried and tossed in the sauce of your choice. Although it may take a little longer, grilled wings are also an option. 

I ordered the specialty wings and fries. The mild garlic parmesan wings were mouthwatering. They were fried to perfection with just the right amount of sauce covering them. Served with a complimentary side of ranch dressing. The fries are cut thick and tossed in a beer batter before being fried. The fries were steaming hot and served with a nice side of fancy ketchup. 

Like most wing joints Florida Wing Factory has a hot wing challenge. You must finish 10 chicken flats covered in the hottest sauce it offers – “Devil’s Breath” – in 10 minutes. If completed, you will get your wings free and a beautiful portrait of your victory on the wall in the restaurant. If not completed, you will have to purchase the unfinished wings and unfortunately there isn’t a wall for the losers. 

The wings and fries are both must-haves at the restaurant. The customer service was phenomenal. The waitress acknowledged all customers upon arrival. The restaurant was very clean not a spot on the floors or tables. 

The Florida wing factory accepts most major credit cards. It also offers delivery through Bite Squad.

It is located in a plaza so it can be overlooked. The eatery is on Blair Stone Road. The company is looking to expand its business by adding a new location in late 2018.