FAMU grad opens pharmacy in need-based neighborhood


One man’s desire to help a community led him to open a pharmacy in an area of Jacksonville that desperately needed a local drugstore.

Albert Chester ll, a graduate of Florida A&M University, opened New Town Pharmacy Monday to a crowd of more than 100 people.

The pharmacy, located on Moncrief Road, is the only pharmacy in the area for more than three miles.

Chester was not satisfied with where he stood in his career, so he began “to pray and fast to find his fulfillment in life.”

“During the fast, I was moved to open a pharmacy technician program (Capstone Institute),” he said. “After training students, I decided that I want to also be able to employ them. Then came New Town Pharmacy.”

He and his family had saved their money for two years to open the business.

Paula Jones, a neighbor who has stayed in the area for more than 20 years, says she is ecstatic about the pharmacy opening.

“In all the years I’ve lived here there has never been a pharmacy close by. I suffer from several medical problems and I’m at the pharmacy every other week.” 

Jones went on to say she doesn’t drive and often has call someone to take her to the nearest pharmacy.

 “I just want to thank this family for opening in this community. I need it and this area needs it.”

Chester said opening the pharmacy in this specific area rooted from his heart and passion for this area and side of town. He believes he will have the greatest impact in this area.

“I think New Town Pharmacy will benefit this community in numerous ways. First-class service and healthcare. Not only do we have career training but now we have employment opportunities as well as free health monthly sessions,” Chester said.

New Town Pharmacy also offers delivery for people with transportation barriers.

“This is not a hoop dream. This is something attainable if you work hard,” Chester said. “I’m excited and proud to serve my community. I appreciate the love and support I’ve been shown by so many people.”

For more information on New Town Pharmacy visit YourNewtownPharmacy.com