Spotlight on men and mental health

Mental health problems affect both men and women, but not in equal measure. One out of every four men are affected by mental health problems or illnesses, according to study done by World Health Organization.

Which is why FAMU decided to put men’s mental health in the spotlight last Wednesday.

All of FAMU’s Divine 9 Greek organizations and other students gathered to discuss the issue in the Student Senate chambers.

Active Minds Inc, an organization raising awareness of mental health on Florida A&M’s campus, was the facilitator of the event, called the Men and Mental Health Panel.

Men and women from the organizations spoke about their own struggles as well as the struggles they’ve experienced with friends who have suffered from mental illness. They also spoke on the importance of seeking help and how the university provides help to those who suffer.

Brehanna Jacobs, a third -year psychology student, said she has dealt with mental illness.

“The things we go through in society needs to prompt more discussions like these,” she said. “I’ve suffered from mental illness and it’s really something serious.”

Many of the panelists spoke about the behaviors they have seen in people with mental illness and how they think the best way to handle it is.

Oriana Plummer, a public relations student, shared her reason for attending the event and the value she places on mental health.

“Mental health awareness is more than a movement, it’s a way of life and should be addressed as such no matter the race or gender,” she said.

Plummer believes there are things that need to be done in a strategic way to create an open and non- judgmental space to discuss a topic so fragile that many choose to avoid dealing with it.

 “Acknowledging mental health and how it affects us as individuals and as society is important,” she said.

Jacquat Thomas, a third-year journalism student, said mental illness is something that is often overlooked in today society.

“No one wants to accept it because of how it is frowned upon in society, especially males,” he said.

FAMU’s Sunshine Manor, located across from FAMU Village, is a counseling service offered by the university to aid students with any problems they may be facing.