Search continues for pharmacy dean

Photo credit: Rattler Nation


The search continues for a new leader at Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

COPPS is one of five colleges or schools on campus in the midst of a search for a new dean.

A meeting took place Tuesday in Room 320 of the New Pharmacy Building. Reginald Perry, the associate dean for student affairs in the Florida A&M-Florida State University College of Engineering led a search committee of mostly faculty members as they discussed their progress on the search.

Possible candidates were mentioned, but the main focus of the meeting was creating the necessary questions that need to be asked during interviews. The committee will be conducting both on campus and Skype interviews.

“We’ll have some idea on where to go once we ask these questions,” Fran Close said.

The committee had divided responsibilities of formatting questions in order to get the best possible results and shared them with the other members to proof and edit.

Once the questions were out and on the table, the rest were able to offer their input. The committee then spent about half an hour tweaking the questions to get them right.

While Perry directed the meeting, he also provided the members with a deadline to have all edited questions turned in. Giving him time to send finalized questions in before beginning interviews.

A meeting also took place with graduate students and an update was provided on that.

“I had an opportunity to speak not only to the basic science graduate students, but with the public health graduate students as well,” Perry said. “I had a great meeting with them, they were very frank as always and are very encouraged.”

The rest of the meeting was used to discuss future dates. That included possible interviews for a permanent dean, along with when the next meetings would take place for the committee.

The next committee meeting will take place April 10.

Perry also informed the committee he would be contacting everyone within the next few days with updates.

All of the search committee meetings are open to the public for anyone to attend.