‘Now We No’ campaign visits FAMU

A solution-driven campaign that is giving life back to women made its way to the Big Bend.

The “Now We No” campaign is informing women and men all over the world about the harmful effects today’s top-selling sanitary napkins and tampoons have on women’s bodies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 600,000 hysterrectomes are performed on women annually in the United States. This devasting procdure takes away two common bonds that connect women worldwide regardless of race, religion or profession – the hope of motherhood and  desire to have a healthy monthly cycle.

“Now We No”  embraces the mission of “our women should be made aware and protected.”  The campaign has taken off with massive success because of the foresight of the awareness and comfort it brings to women through demonstrations of its Cherish Peminum Napkins. The napkins were introduced to the world May 23, 2017 and have since brought substantile relief to women.

The product has a unique design that offers eight layers of protection highlightned by the introduction of a negative ion strip that has been shown to reduce pain, inflammation and odor even associated  with the woman’s monthly cycle.

 Mischico Hartley, a senior graphic design major, describes the campaign as a “breath of fresh air.”

 “ I , like many other young women are completely unaware that the sanitary napkins we use how it is actually adding to the pain that we are already experincing. Who would ever think that? This demonstration saved my life,” Hartley said.

Cherish has captured the attention of Sports illustrated model Kathy Ireland, Essence magazine and others.

Demond Crump, the director of training and field development, led a demonstration that revealed just how absorbant the cherish napkin is compared to  a leading brand.

Oriana Plummer, a junior public relations major and host of the “Now We No” campaign  demonstartion , says she is just happy she could bring awarness to the campus.

“I was quite excited when I was first introduced to the campaign. I told all my closest friends to throw out their old tampoons because I had just found a little piece of magic. It’s quite amazing. I definetly feel and see the difference.”

Cherish is currently being distrubuted online at getnycherish.com for $5. Cherish products will also be made avaliable in boutique style stores around the world. The first store is projected to be up and running in Jamaica by May.