Joint college hosts engineering for the everyday citizen

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering held an open house on Saturday.
Photo credit: Alexandria Mitchell

Science doesn’t have to be intimidating.

That was one of the messages on Saturday when the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering hosted an open house to introduce engineering topics for the scientifically curious. Citizens young and old enjoyed hands-on exhibits that demonstrated the science of engineering.  

This year’s theme, “Speaking of Engineering,” was aimed to correlate solutions for real world problems and encourage the community to consider engineering in a different light.

This innovative event featured kid-friendly activities and adult lectures that opened a new realm into the world of creativity.

Many students from the college set up live demonstrations where participants had the opportunity to test static electricity, create magnetic energy, and even make their own ice cream.

Thomas Hatch, a graduating senior from Florida State University, has been around engineering all her life.

 “I've always been an analytical person. My mom was a civil engineer,” Hatch said. “I came here as a biomedical engineer. There is a lab to describe what each department is about, and after that I realized I am a more outdoor person and that industrial engineer better suits me.

 “Industrial engineering is known as the people engineering, because you deal with a lot with people of different backgrounds. In this industry you have to be able to transfer your ideas to the workforce in every level of management,” he added. “I really love communicating with people, and mastering that craft.”

Hatch is enjoying his last semester while seeking employment. He hopes to become project manager in the near future so he can “minimize waste and maximize the utilization of resources, time, and people.”

“The college of engineering is a amazing facility and the environment and atmosphere is very welcoming and supporting. They really give you a lot of resources to excel, and explore options I never knew existed,” said Hatch.

Janine Welch, assistant dean of administration at the college, said the opportunity to bridge the gap between engineering and the community is an annual highlight.

She hopes the event inspires people to explore engineering, even if it’s just for fun.

“We want people to know that the engineering school and the students are doing hands-on research and creating solutions to everyday problems. To me they are artists, they are so creative.

“If you throw a problem at an engineering student, they'll always come up with a solution and I’m amazed every time,” said Welch.