Former FAMU football star changing lives in Miami

Official logo for DevelopedDreamz Productions.
Photo credit: Levy Brown


A former Florida A&M University football star who dreamed of playing in the NFL is now devoted to helping others fulfill their dreams.

Levy Brown, who played defensive back for FAMU ffrom 1999-2003, was sidelined by a knee injury near the end of his college career.

Today, the Miami native oversees Developed Dreamz, a production company that is changing lives every day.

"Developed Dreamz’s mission is to bring opportunity to help turn your dreams into reality throughout 7 serviceable companies," Brown said. "Follow your heart and never lose sight of your vision is the quote we stand by," Brown added.

During his career at FAMU, Brown recorded 18 interceptions from 2001-2003. He also played special teams for which he recorded 361 yards on 48 punt returns and 10 yards on 1 kick return attempt.

Coach Billy Rolle, FAMU assistant football coach and FAMU alumni, witnessed the transition in Brown from high school to college. Coaching Brown at Miami Northwestern Senior High and during his college career at FAMU. 

"For me it was very exciting because he was one of the smaller kids, guys his size don’t typically get looked to play college ball, that was always his dream to get an opportunity to play football because guys his size don’t really get a chance," Rolle said.

Brown's leadership ability has carried throughout his football and producer career. DevelopedDreamz-Sportz is a sports brand product of DevelopedDreamz Productions offering one-on-one athletic training sessions designed for underprivileged youth and more.

"He received that type of help, growing up playing in the youth league, there were some people that cared for him that made sure he got an opportunity, 

I just look at it as him giving back, that's the type of heart he has. When you love something, the way he loves football, his work ethic was off the charts, I used him as an example of what you should be like in that situation when you're trying to get to the top. He did it because someone along the way said he couldn’t and he ran with it,” Rolle added.

 Growing up, Brown had a challenging childhood. His mom died when he was  9, and it was tough with not a lot of family support, Brown’s best support came from sports, other parents and coaches. Brown describes how he combined football with his company.

"Through sports it made my life a lot easier because through football and my company, it’s a wonderful feeling to give people opportunity, support and reason to be great," Brown said.     

To the community, Brown is a role model and a leader. Strong-willed, confident and a lot of heart is how his childhood friend Matthew Williams always knew him.

"Brown was always eager to participate. It's a very positive approach to change lives and help underprivileged kids accomplish dreams by providing guidance while pushing to be a positive figure in children's lives. He was once in their shoes and is using the opportunity to give back," Williams said.  

 Brown hopes to one day be inducted into the FAMU Sports Hall of Fame. In the meantime, Brown works in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and he plans to operate a facility to open doors for at-risk kids in Florida. The facility serves as a one-stop shop for DevelopedDreamz Recordz where artists can produce and record music. The facility will feature a mentorship and public speaking program as well as a dance studio called Faith and Purpose, teaching young girls styles of dance and a way to express themselves. Brown will use the resources to give children a way of expressing themselves.