The mighty Rattlers have struck and now the votes are in: 2018 SGA Candidates are…

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Campaign season is always an important time at Florida A&M University. Students are always enormously involved with efforts to promote their favorite candidates.

Election day was held yesterday, Feb 20, and the votes are finally in.

Now holding the position for student body president and vice president is David Jackson III and Robyn Seniors, with a total of 1104 votes.

David Jackson III is the son of Dr. David Jackson Jr. who has been a history professor at FAMU since the fall of 1997.

The new student body president elect wasted no time to thank all the fellow rattlers who casted in their votes in his favor.

He took to Instagram shortly after the votes were announced to give a message to all his followers.

“Thank you! We are deeply humbled that you, the students of Florida A&M University, have elected us your next Student Body President and Vice President,” Jackson said.

Imani Cooper earned the title of the 112th Miss FAMU, winning with a total of 1179 votes. Imani succeeded against components Jaelyn Benyard who came in close with a total of 829 votes, followed by Morgan Martin with 126 total votes.

Cooper also took to Instagram to thank everyone who supported her.

“Trust and know that I am not here to just reign, but I am here to work,” Cooper explained. “Thank you to the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. I am ready to take our beloved institution to a new level.”

Cooper has supporters ranging from freshmen to seniors. Corey Hill is a senior criminal justice major who supported Imani through the entire campaign season.

“Imani is a good fit for Miss FAMU because she has a genuine spirit,” Hill said. “And a desire to see the university thrive. I know she will make the rattler community proud.”

Mark Nicolas was the only candidate to run for King of Orange and Green for the 2018-2019 academic year, however he reached an impressive 2007 votes from student supporters.

As for Junior Attendant, Kamiah Millner won with 315 votes versus opponent, Ashley Foster, with 77 total votes.

Serving as Junior Class president for the 2018-2019 academic year will be Stephen Brooks and Stevenson Choutte who racked up 381 votes.  

Joslyn Benyard will be will be the Senior Attendant for the upcoming academic year landing a total of 476 votes.

Next year’s senior class president and vice president will be Detroyia Hardy and Dyesha McCord who pulled in a total of 90 votes, winning against opponents Jonas Laboo and Cameron Singleton with 51 total votes. Followed by Samuel Gilkes and Daniel Joseph with 30.

Votes for Mr. FAMU and Queen of Orange and Green are not yet in, as voting will continue tomorrow, Feb 22.

The Mr. FAMU runoff includes Myles Millsap and Terrell Nelson, while the Queen of Orange and Green runoff is between Sa’Vanna Smith and Erica Tyler. Go get your vote on Rattlers!