FAMU SGA appoints new Vice-President

 Photo of newly appointed Vice-President, Dajuh Sawyer


Florida A&M’s Student Government Association President and University Trustee, Devin Harrison, has appointed Dajuh Sawyer to serve as the SGA Vice-President for the remainder of the semester.

After nearly three months since the resignation of former SGA President and University Trustee, Justin Bruno, a cohesive administration in the Executive Branch is in the works. Dajuh Sawyer, a senior business administration student from St. Petersburg, Florida is a former sophomore and junior Senator in the 45 and 46 Student Senate where she has held the position of Elections and Appointments Chairwoman.

Sawyer also ran for SGA President against the Bruno-Harrison ticket last spring for the position of President and Vice-President with her running mate, Byron Carter.

“Dajuh Sawyer is a good pick… being that she has prior experience in SGA, it will not take her as long to acclimate to the work we are doing here, she will just jump right in,” said the Executive Branch’s Deputy of Athletic Affairs Johnika Moss.

Sophomore Senator and Internal Disciplinary Selection Committee Chairwoman in the 47 Student Senate, Taylar Hall, says since hearing the announcement of Sawyer’s nomination, she has admiration for her character.

“After vying for the same position last spring, and to see her come back in her senior year, ready to serve shows a lot about who she is,” Hall explained.

Hall goes into further detail claiming she is impressed but not surprised by Sawyers appointment, “ Even while the Bruno-Harrison administration was still in effect, Dajuh was still coming around working. Last week [at] FAMU Day at the Capitol, she was there working and even on campus, she has been around executing the exact platform points she planned for last spring."

“I am just humbled and excited to have the next few months to serve the student body in another capacity,” said, appointed Vice-President, Dajuh Sawyer, “…going forward, I will be assisting President Harrison with his and the branch’s vision while also implementing my strategies to increase SGA’s presence on campus, and lay a good foundation for the next student leaders.”

After having to complete a successful committee hearing scheduled for Friday afternoon and a successful Senate confirmation the following Monday, Dajuh Sawyer will then immediately assume the role as Vice-President of the FAMU Student Government Association.